How the steganography and cryptography is used for secure transmission of data is discussed in this paper

How the steganography and cryptography is used for secure transmission of data is discussed in this paper. The steganography technique is used for sending the data securely through the communication channels or through the network. In this the original data is hidden into the another media so the changes made to the original data are not seen by the unauthorized user. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used for encryption and decryption.
1. Introduction
The secure message passing application is developed for providing security to the information.
In todays life there are lots of communication networks or channels on which the person sends the important data. People don’t know the data which is sent is securely transmitted or not. Therefore for secure transmission of the secret data we developed an application.

For secure transmission of the secret data the sender can select the image, audio or video to encrypt the data into it. The user can also hide the image into another image. And by hiding the data or image into another image the sender can send the encrypted image to the receiver. When the receiver get the encrypted image then the receiver decrypt the image and get the original image.

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For encryption and decryption of message we use the steganography and cryptography techniques. Steganography is data hiding technique used to hide the secret data into cover information. The cover information can be in any form such as image, audio, video. In steganography technique the file, image, audio, video can be hidden into another file, image, audio, video. The difference between steganography and cryptography is that in cryptography , one can tell thet a message has been encrypted, but he cannot decode the message without knowing the proper key.

In these two techniques first we encrypt a message, then hide it in another file for transmission. The internet users frequently need to store, send or receive private information. The most common way to do this is to transform the data into different form. The resulting data can be understood only by those who know how to return it to its original form. This method of protecting information is known as encryption. Steganography’s intent is to hide the existence of the message, while cryptography scrambles a message so that it cannot be understood.

The basic things used in steganography are cover data, secret data, the secret password and the algorithm used to hide the data. The cover data carries the original data. It can be any media like image, audio, video. The secret data is that data which user wants to hide in another media. Password is used in the algorithm for hiding the secret data. In steganography, before the hiding process, the sender must select an appropriate message which carries an effective message to be hidden as well as a secret password used as a password.

This project will work on the security and this will be useful for the users. This project is developed by using Microsoft visual studio. Microsoft visual studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs, as well as web sites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. Visual studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows forms, Windows presentation foundation, Windows store and Microsoft Silverlight.
2. Problem Statement & Objective
Problem Statement:
To develop an application for secure transmission of the secret information over the communication network.

The main objective of this application is to keep the information secret which is transmitted over the network.

3. Literature Survey
Paper1 is “Hiding Secret Message using Cryptography and Steganography”. This paper present the secret image is first encrypted by using blowfish algorithm which has very good performance and is most powerful technique compared to other algorithm.

Paper2 is “Image Steganography for secure data transmission using blowfish algorithm”This paper presents image steganography has been performed LSB of the cover image Blowfish encryption algorithm.

Paper3 is “Security for message by combining steganography and visual cryptography”. In this paper we will discuss how digital images can be used as carrier to hide message.

Paper4 is “An efficient Steganography algorithm using visual cryptography and AES Encryption”. In this paper,an efficient approach for securing information is presented by the combination of steganography, cryptography, and visual cryptography.

Paper5 is “Secure Image Steganography using Encryption algorithm”. The objective of this study is to enhance the confidentiality and security of the image steganography application by combining cryptography algorithm.

Paper6 is “Steganography Based on AES algorithm and BPCS Technique for a Securing Image Data”. This paper present a method of hiding secret message in a cover object while communication takes place between sender and receiver.
Paper7 is “Document Security within Institutions Using Image Steganography Technique”. This paper present how documents within an institution can be conceales using images within the institutions.

Paper8 is “A Secure Data Hiding Technique Using video Steganography”. In this paper combination of cryptography and steganography is used for data hiding in video clips.

4. Proposed Work
In the world the 99% people send some important data over the network. They don’t know that someone tries to hack the information.They transfer the data without any security through the network. Therefore the unauthorised user get the data. The unauthorised user can modify the content of the data or they can missuse the data.

For this we developed an application which protect the data from the unauthorised users. In our proposed work the system encrypts the plain data using advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm and give the encrypted data. This process gives the encrypted file in which the data is hidden into image, audio, video.

This system is able to send and receive encrypted message inside the image, audio, video.The user is able to choose the image, audio,video he/she wants to hide the data into it. The user can set a different password for every message he/she is going to encrypt.

Encrypting data is the most popular approach for protecting the data but it can be broken by some techniques. An alternate approach to encrypting the data would be to hide the data by making this information look like something else. In this way only concern receiver would realize its true contents.

In particular, if the data is hidden inside an image, audio or video then everyone would view it as a image, audio or video. No one can guess there is something hidden into these files. This technique is called data hiding or steganography.

5.Working methodology
Following Figure Shows the System Architecture of “Secure Message Passing By Using Steganography and cryptography”.
User Module:
This module is designed for users. In this module multiple users fills all the information which is needed for registration. That information will be stored in database. (Information such as UserName, EmailId, Password).
Registered Module:
This module is designed for Registered user.In this module only registered user can login to the system. Then system checks the login details in database (Information such as UserName, Password).
Server Module:
a.Encryption Module:
This module is designed for encryption. This module is only use to registered user. Registered user send the plain image, data and key to the system then the encryption process are run and generate the encrypted file and send to the user.
b.Decryption Module:
This module is designed for decryption. In this module the user get the encrypted file and password from the sender. The user browse the encrypted file from the folder, type the key and decrypt the message.

figure. Working methodology of proposed system.
The above fig. shows the system architecture of steganography using cryptography. The mechanism describes how the encryption and decryption takes place. The plain data and plain image is encrypted by using secret key and converted to encrypted file. The encrypted file is then stored at system and whenever the data is needed it is taken for decryption.

The decryption process requires secret key to decrypt the encrypted file. By using the secret key the original data can be obtained from encrypted file.

6. Technologies Required:
Visual studio:
Microsoft visual studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs, as well as web sites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. Visual studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows forms, Windows presentation foundation,Windows store and Microsoft Silverlight.

MS access:
Access is a flexible and relatively simple way to create databases to store, manage and enter data. It even exceeds the capabilities of Excel. Access provides a simple way to manage your data.

• Can be used by any user who want to send information securely.
• High Level Security.
• Secure information sharing and communication.
• Data confidentiality.
• Protection of data alteration.

7. System design and some Implementation Results :
Our application has implemented successfully. Now, in this paper, we will present some results of our application. All the remaining results, we will present in the next paper.
Login Form:

Figure 7.1: Login Form
In above login form, we have to login to system using username and password. Only those user will be able to login who have done successful registration. If any user has registered allready he/she does not need to register again. He/She can login directly.
Registration Form:

Figure 7.2: Registration
This is the registration form where new user can register. The user has to provide the data such as Username,Email id, Mobile number, Password. When user clicks on submit button the information will be stored in the database. If user wants to cancel the registration process he/she can cancel it by clicking on cancel button.

Encryption Form:

Figure 7.3: Encryption Form

This is the encryption form of the text. In this form the user can hide the text document into the image. The user can choose the document and image from the folder and hide the document or message into the image.

Decryption Form:

Figure 7.4: Decryption Form

By using this application, user can store or send the information securely.

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