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How can we prevent school shootings?. There are many ways to help prevent school shootings, but who knows if this will make a difference. Teenagers nowadays have really bad intentions. And in my opinion I think teenagers have problems going through there life that can affect others and this leads to shootings in schools or whatever it can be. Like for example if this guy likes a girl and the girl does not like him, the guy could do anything bad to the girl or anyone like perhaps a school shooting just because the girl did not like him.
The reason I used this example was because in may 20, 2018. There was a school shooting in a high school in Texas leaving 10 dead and a couple wounded. The teenager that caused that massacred was a student who went to that high school. Just because of a girl he liked that didn’t like him. He decided to take his anger out killing student at a high school. The first step to prevent a school shooting is to warn the students that danger is happening. Most of these school shootings have happened by the shooter pulling the fire alarm and having the students run out.
Also maybe doing lock down drills more often would be a good idea. That way we can help students be more prepared. Having security guards on all schools at least maximum of 5 or 4. That way students at schools can feel safe and not having to worry about something bad happening. Something I thought that would be a good idea to put at all schools or at least middles schools or high school is to put metal detectors, although that would be a lot of money for the school district to pay.

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