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Holistic development – approach to learning that highlights the importance of the physical, cognitive, language and social, particularly in early childhood (involve all parts of a person). This type of system focuses on mere learning and on implementing what is learnt. Holistic approach connects children’s development with their natural environment and to build a strong relationship through active learning and social activities. Main advantage of the holistic development is fact that this stimulate children to learn about a subject, instills curiosity and allows children to learn creatively and naturally. Child attuned his learning style and his own individual persona. Children have better social and communication skills and are likely to be more confident than others.

Food Bag Basketball Role Play Eating Breakfast Coloring
Language Child need to say a name of the product from the bag and can clearly describe color, shape and size of the product Child need to give clear hints during the play, understand plan of the couch and day his own plan Child imitate others people/animals by imitating their noises and voices Child can ask for less/more food in his plate and describe food he is having on his plate and what is on the others plates Child can explain why he choose this particular color and what he thinks about his drawing and others people
Social Child discuss with others about the product he is showing and describing Child communicate with teammates during a play and know how to react when he win and lose Child is playing with and around the others by repeating knows phrases and words Child can share his opinion with others about meal and about his feelings to some food Child can show his emotions by choosing colors as light or dark and can talk about with others about his drawing
Cognitive Child know name, shape, color and taste of the product Child need to observe enemy on the court and plan his each move Child know how to behave as a choose person/animal Child know that breakfast is important part of the day Child can think about color he want to use and what object are usually in which color
Physical Touching and putting out a plastic food Child run, walk and jumps around the others players Child by himself can change his clothes into a choose character Child can eat by himself by handing property a spoon, knife and fork Child know how to hand correctly the color pencils and how to move color pencils to color a place

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