HISTORY SBA Area of Research Theme

Area of Research
Theme: Resistance and revolt
Topic: The Haitian revolution
Question: Is it true to say the Haitian revolution had a more positive effect on the wider Caribbean socially, economically, and politically than Haiti itself.

One of the richest colony in the West indies and possibly the world, The then French colony Haiti, producing 40 percent of Europe’s sugar 60 percent of it’s coffee and home to more slaves than any place except Brazil, in fact by the late 18 century more slaves were imported to St. Domingue every year, more than 40, 000 than the entire white population.

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Most slaves worked on plantations and they out numbered the whites dramatically, hence the white’s used brutal methods of terrorizing the slaves so that they remained powerless. When the French revolution began many white settler’s in Haiti called for independence. Boukman a Haitian slave called on the African’s to have their own revolution. The French revolution in 1789 was known as the biggest trigger behind the Haitian revolution which took place August 23rd 1791 and lasted till 1804, It was caused by social inequalities between the three main social classes.

The reason for this topic being chosen was because the Haitian revolution was the first successful revolution in the Caribbean, and the researcher was aiming to perceive if the revolution had a positive effect on the wider Caribbean than Haiti itself.


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