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here are some professionals that are support interventions can promote positive outcomes for children and young people like …..

SOCIAL WORKERS are there to help vulnerable children and young people and their families this might include children on the child protection register or disabled children.

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SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPIST can help children overcome most of their problems . By helping children gain the ability to use language they can help children gain confidence and self esteem I have seen this in my setting with children who have had communication and language needs. These children have gained confidence and their language is now at a level that they can interact with other children and not show frustration. This is because they can now express themselves.

PSYCHOLOGIST is a professional who helps support children who have learning or behavioural difficulties. They provide teachers and practitioners with aimed support programmes for that child once they have identifies the child’s needs.

PSYCHIATRIST is a doctor who is trained in mental health problems this person works alongside other professionals to help diagnose or support children and young people with mental health problems.

YOUTH JUSTICE is based on children with behavioural problems. These people will work with them and social workers to help them.

PHYSIOTHERAPIST this professional help children with their movement especially those who have little or no movement . They are trained to get the maximum movement and skill level. Referrals can take the shape of common assessment form which are filled in then in my setting passed upstairs to the health visitor, speech therapist or other health professionals that are required after being checked by the SENCO in the room.

NURSE SPECIALIST provides support for the family and child especially if that child suffers from medical conditions that need specialist care also health visitors come under this title for measuring and assessing a child’s development.

ADDITIONAL LEARNING SUPPORT staff works within and outside schools providing a range of services to help children who have certain specific educational needs. This might include people like teaching assistants or advisors to provide support and train staff.

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Children and young people’s development can be supported by using a range of technology . A voice activated computer programme will assist children and young people with delayed fine motor skills with writing . Children and young people with difficulties walking may use the latest wheelchairs so as they are able to achieve their development goal and be more independent.

HEALTH VISITOR , They support and educate parents on the way of preventing diseases through immunizations, good child nutrition, minor illness and behaviour issues. They improve education and life outcome for children and young people. They
Identify mothers suffering from depression.

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