Have you ever felt as if you couldn’t say something that could fix a situation

Have you ever felt as if you couldn’t say something that could fix a situation? In life, situations happen around the world that we usually cannot control and it makes you feel helpless not being able to speak out about it, but poetry can speak for you. In the poem “Bluebird” by Charles Bukowski, A man is bottling up all his emotions and not expressing them to anyone. “After Years” by Ted Kooser, has a man seeing a woman from his past and deep feelings come back to him, but he does not do anything. The poem “The Quiet World” by Jeffrey Mcdaniel, is a world that forces people to speak less. All these poems have the same idea. That there are things we just cannot do, and things we cannot say. Poetry is a way for us to express ourselves when we cannot speak.
Keeping feelings to yourself can really affect a person’s life. The poem “Bluebird” by Charles Bukowski, relates to everyone because everyone has something they have wanted to say but couldn’t. Bukowski writes about a tough man in the eyes of others, but the “tough” man is fighting to keep down feelings that want out, but he says, “stay in there, I’m not gonna let anyone see you.” Having it written on paper is a sort of a cry for help that would never have been known if not written. It may not be completely true, but we cannot make up those feelings. Deep down Bukowski probably feels this to be a true story in one way or another and wants people to know. It is not healthy to bottle up emotions because then you are not true to yourself. Poetry is a safe option to unleash your feelings, you may not show it to people, but just having all those feelings kept somewhere that isn’t inside is weight off of shoulders.


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