Giuseppe Conte

Giuseppe Conte (Italian pronunciation: d?u?z?ppe ?konte; born 8 August 1964) is an Italian jurist and politician serving as the 58th and current Prime Minister of Italy since 1 June 2018.4

A professor of private law, Conte was first proposed on 21 May 2018 for the role of Prime Minister as the head of a coalition between the Five Star Movement and League,5 but resigned his position when Paolo Savona, his pick for Minister of Economy and Finance, was vetoed by President Sergio Mattarella.6 On 31 May, the two majority parties reached an agreement proposing Giovanni Tria as the new Minister of Economy and Finances and Conte was called to take oath on the following day.7

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According to many journalists and political commentators, Conte’s cabinet is the first populist government in Western Europe.8910 Moreover, he was the first person to assume the premiership without prior government or administrative service since Silvio Berlusconi in 1994, and the first Prime Minister from Southern Italy since the Christian democrat Ciriaco De Mita in 1989.1112


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