From Murders to Mogul

From Murders to Mogul, Rwanda the scene of one of the biggest atrocities in mankind’s history. Looking at the Rwanda today its hard to imagin that only two decades ago Rwanda’s government had orchestrated the genocide of more than half a million people the majority were tootsies but many moderate Hutus were also killed in a mere 90 days. In 1994 Kagame and his forces swept aside the government effectively ending slaughter. Resuming control and forming governance Rwanda has since turned its war-torn country into a stable viable safe nation. Rwanda is on track to achieve the UN’s global sustainable development goals by 2030. Through strong leadership, investment in human capital and most significantly reconciliation and forgiveness, President Paul Kagame has transformed Rwanda into one of the world’s fastest growing economies, pathing the way to end poverty for all Rwandan’s by 2030.

Strong leadership

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In 2000 Paul Kagame became the new Rwandan president and he came to power with two clear goals the first one was to unify the Rwandan people through a reconciliation and forgiveness. after the genocide the second was to pull his country out of poverty. Rwanda is vision 2020 it had 44 clear and accountable goals for instance it said that by the year 2020 one in every three Rwandans must have electricity at home . of those targets was to make Rwanda a gender equality Haven and now the Rwandan Constitution requires that at least 50% of all government positions be held by women. Rwanda is investing the small amounts of money they collect in taxes and are building power stations and roads to promote agricultural productivity and are now trading with their neighbours. To attract investment from the private sector Rwanda’s government has simplified the process to register a business, what was once a few months wait is now complete in just two days, according to recent World Bank statistics Rwanda is ranked the second easiest best place to do business in Africa. 2004 a national doing business taskforce was formed in addition to a zero tolerance corruption task force a result corruption is at an all-time low.

iment in human capitaleconomies.president Paul Kagame has curd street-level corruption
attracted foreign investment and reduced
the country’s poverty

build strong foundations strong institutions that empower and give structure so families can stand on their own and deal with problems, seek cooperation if the problems are to big collaboration on all levels of society

Reconciliation and forgiveness government is still trying to foster reconciliation on an official level it no longer makes any distinction between Hutus and Tutsis. victims and perpetrators live side by side
it’s a remarkable partnership

apology console a has also given money some compensation among other things r us aond money can console a are an example of how reconciliation can succeed the neighbors now live happily together
without the need for court verdicts or government directives
in Kigali many people are proud of how far and has come in the reconciliation process over the last two decades the country wants to present itself as modern and focused on the future forgiveness and
reconciliation are a major challenge and will remain so for a long time to come


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