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Freedom of the press is a right that U.S citizens obtain through the first amendment of the U.S Constitution. Through this right the citizens have the will to express their own thoughts via media platforms without the government’s interference. The concept of Freedom of the Press allows for diversity in opinions and ideas. Freedom of the press is important because it gives access to people to different types of sources that keeps them knowledgeable about politics. This allows them to be well informed on the insights of the government and be more involved when it comes to voting. Citizen journalism has become the main source in which the citizens get their information nowadays. This makes the government make better decisions since now everybody is aware of what is going on and makes the government accountable for their decisions.
Therefore, journalism assists in making the government less corrupt and maintain our nation safer. Since now everybody is aware of all the political issues occurring in the country. However, fake news has become a big part of the news that is being put out there instead of credible sources. We as citizens must be cautious in order to not obtain fake news about political issues.
Supremacy of the Law is the highest known power that is established through the government and the U.S Constitution. Thereby, it is required by all states to follow this vital establishment. The basic function of supremacy of the law is to promote stability, equality, freedom, and justice. The law was established for no elected official to be above the law in other words no one can have full power. No government officials or judges can be above the law there is no law above the Supremacy of the Law. All government officials and everyone must follow this law. The main objective is that every government should have a system in which no one involved with the government could have power that they can act above the law. Overtime the rule of law has been seen to protect the principle rights of the citizens just like Freedom of the Press.
Freedom of the Press correlates with Supremacy of the law because freedom of the press originated from the first amendment and Supremacy of the Law is the Law of the Constitution. The citizens benefit greatly from both because they both support the citizens’ rights. “No freemen shall be taken or imprisoned or disseised or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him nor send upon him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.” (Article 39, Magna Carta) The Article 39 of the Magna Carta was created to ensure that the life and liberty of the king could not be taken away. Ideally Supremacy of the Law had to be followed. This document ensures that not a single person can decide a person’s fate. In this document it demands for the law to make a judgment according to the law. The Magna Carta embedded due process in which everyone is allowed fairness and impartial hearing to decide their legal rights. Without Supremacy of the Law and Freedom of the Press the government would be entitled to interfere with the people’s opinions, ideas, and rights. By having both Freedom of the Press and Supremacy of the Law the public has the right to express their opinions and ideas without the government’s intercession. However, without Freedom of the Press and Supremacy of the Law the government would be deciding what kind of sources the public has access to.

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