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Formal language is very important specially on talking to professional persons such as engineers, doctors and other professions. We use formal language so that we can show respect on the person that we talk to. Especially when we talk to our principal for serious matters we must show respect that is why we use formal language. Also when we are in a formal occasion, we must put in mind the language that we are going to use. In informal language also we cannot use it on easily we can only use it when we are talking to our level of person.
We must not always use formal language because some of the people around you may think that you are to formal that is why no one will try to talk to you especially when you only talk casually. When we are simply just texting or talking to your mother or father, why not talk casually? In our everyday talks we commonly use informal language because of our society today. For example, some of our teachers do not necessarily use formal language because some of the students will not find interest on listening that is why some of the teachers try to use informal language to entertain students.
Job interviews always require formal language specially in answering the questions. That is why we need to learn or have the knowledge when to use formal and informal language not to be perfect but to have respect and have the dignity to yourself. It also helps you to be understood by the person whom you talk to. It is also very important in our society today because there are so many judgmental people everywhere. We must be careful on what language that we must use for it is very important in our everyday lives.

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