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For current and future generations,should they reach their
dream ,or struggle just to survive? After graduating high school college is the next step , the main factors to attending college is money and how will they pay for school. With the help of financial aid and scholarships without the burden of student loans this is a way students help get through college.
Financial aid and scholarships are such a big help , financial aid covers educational expenses including tuition fees, room and board,books and aid pays for full cost of College. Scholarships are also designed to help students pay for college, scholarships are either a one time check or provides money for students each semester or school year.
Student loans , aren’t designed to help students pay for secondary education, such as tuition books and supplies. Loans affect young adults but the economy as well, with students having a huge loan to pay off it decreases the ability for them to get things such as cars,and homes.
The issue with money while trying to attend college don’t get the opportunity to end up better taught also.The abilities that you can learn in school are altogether different from secondary school educating .You think all the more basically and have more skills. Students will likewise have a significantly more noteworthy open door in the activity advertise in the event that they keep up a higher education. Having a degree can increase your chance of acquiring a better paying job. For example In the article “Financial aid cost and benefits ” on the khan academy article website discusses what a high school diploma can help you make during your lifetime which does not compare to what you can make with a four year degree from college .
Moreover college is not cheap, in the article as has been noted that depending on what college you choose to commit to the average cost has increased dramatically over the years.Tuition varies by school type , public schools are less expensive than private colleges. Students spend so much time trying to study their best to get into their dream college, Most colleges look for the best applicant with the best skills and high gpa. High tuition cost is also a lack of student motivation, students see that they owe so much money and just want to give up
The solution to getting rid of college debts for good are giving every student a chance who lives in a household who can’t afford school at all a financial aid package , where the student doesn’t have to pay back anything as long as their gpa is over a 2.8 . If the student gpa increases and decreases at various times during semesters they have to pay back a small fee (reasonable for their budget) or being put on academic probation can help let the student focus on their academic grades.In conclusion in the article ” solve the student debt crisis ” it gives additional information to the public,upcoming and students information on how we can prevent being in debt by talking to upcoming and of students on how they can avoid debt.Lowering the cost of college tuition was Also stated to help stop debt crisis.

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