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Fires are a hazard in any workplace and can lead to injury or death, basic fire prevention measures are a necessity for all employees, identifying the fire hazards and ensuring there is no risk of fire is key for all staff to understand, for a fire to start, three things are needed, Ignition source, Fuel and Oxygen, when one of these things are not present then a fire cannot start or continue, taking measures to avoid the three coming together will reduce the risk of a fire occurring, practices that prevent fires from starting include:
– No smoking or naked flames within the building
-Do not have fire doors propped open as this will increase the speed of wich a fire spreads in a building.
– Do not allow waste to accumulate which could provide fuel to a fire
– Check escape routes are not blocked and keep them clear
– Check that appliances and plugs are turned off to help prevent an electrical fire from starting
– Faulty or misused electrical equipment, such as overloading multi plugs or extension leads.
-Hot surfaces left unattended and becoming overheated.
-Obstruction of ventilation equipment.
-Electrical, gas or oil filled heaters not left unattended.
-We also prevent the starting of fire by ensuring everyone working on site knows how to remain safe by having an understanding of how to prevent fires from starting by attending regular compulsory fire training at work.

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