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Final Portfolio 
Ranjeet Singh 
Man: Ah. I’d like to have a quarrel, please. 
Receptionist: sorry sir, but have  you came there before? 
Man: No, I don’t, its my first time. 
Receptionist:oh I see. Okay,so you want to have one quarrel, or are you thinking of taking a course? 
Man: Well, what is the price? 
Receptionist: Well, it’s a Kg for a 10 minutes  argument, but only seven pounds for a courde of ten. 
Man: Well I think it will be good to start with one and then see how things goes. 
Receptionist: Okay. Well, let me check who’s free on this time. 
Receptionist: Mr Paul Heyman is free, but he is a bit placatory. Well Yes, try Mr. Kegg; Room no.13. 
Man: Thanks. 
(Goes upstairs. Rings the door bell .Mr. Kegg opens the door.) 
Mr. Barnard: Who are you and what do you need? 
Man: Well, she told me that… 
Barnard: Don’t say me this, you idiot! 
Man: What? 
Mr. Barnard: keep your mouth shut ! Your husband really makes me vomit, you’re empty, with a coffee nose, corrupt, stinky!!! 
Man: Hey! Look, I came to you for a discussion. 
Mr. Barnard: Oh, Well sorry, but this is abuse. 
Man:  I see, well, that seems. 
Mr. Barnard: Oh Yes, you want that room 13, just down the stairs. 
Man: Oh, thank you so much. I’m sorry. 
Mr. Barnard: Not at all. 
Man: Thank you. (in his mind) foolish fool! 
(Walk down the corridor) 
Man: (Knock) 
Mr Simon: Go ahead. 
1Man: Ah, is this a right time for a discussion? 
Mr. Vibrant: What I told you . 
Man: No, you told nothing. 
Mr. Vibrant: Yes, I have. 
Man: When? 
Mr. Vibrator: Just Now. 
Man: No, you didn’t. 
Mr. Vibrant: Yes, I did. 
Man: No 
Mr. Vibrant: I did it! 
Man: you didn’t! 
Mr. Vibrant: I tell you I did! 
Man: you didn’t! 
Mr. Vibrant: Oh, I’m sorry, just a second (opens door). Is this a five-minute argument or a full half hour? 
Man: Oh, just Trial. 

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