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Every year more and more people are becoming overweight, obese, and unhealthy in general. One of the factors is most likely due to the widespread of fast food. Fast food is cheap, tasty, and convenient, but as we all know, it also has a great negative impact on our health. As more and more fast food chain restaurants and junk food spread across the globe, the rate of unhealthy and obese people in society also increase.
In order to determine how fast foods are affecting our health, we must first identify what we mean when we say “fast food”. Although the word “fast food” might seem like it refers only to hamburgers and fries, they may also include any food as long as it is pre-made, and could be easily consumed. Examples of fast food besides hamburgers and fries include foods such as bagels, pizza, energy bars, soda, nuggets, processed snack foods, and more. As we can see from graph 1, the revenue of the global fast food market has been steadily increasing ever since 2014 and is expected to continue increasing at least until 2020. The reason fast food has spread so much is possibly due to its low cost and convenience. In the modern age, people are required to work for long periods of time, while they earn a low salary for their efforts. Families are becoming even smaller than before, and fewer people have the time and money to spare to cook a decent home meal or visit a nice family restaurant. Fast foods however, are pre-made and can be purchased at a relatively low cost. Some popular fast food chains such as McDonalds, have menu’s that offer meals for the low cost of a dollar. These restaurants also tend to serve their customers the meal they ordered in a matter of minutes, and offer services like drive thru’s for customers who don’t even have the time to get out of their car. Many fast foods can also be eaten without using any forks or plates, and can be eaten anywhere as long as you have an open hand. As graph 2 shows, these reasons caused the consumption rate of fast food to increase drasticly over the last few decades.
Although fast foods provide consumers with the benefit of low cost and convenience, most fast foods include saturated fats and cholesterol, and are all high in calories. Fast foods are seasoned with artificial flavoring, high contents of sodium, and unhealthy preservatives, and because more people eat fast food instead of healthy meals, the intake of foods that are nutritious and healthy decrease.

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