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Even though there may be various themes in Jack London’s, “To Build a Fire’. In my opinion, I think that the author’s theme in the story is about how the environment can shape us. It shows that regardless of your situation and your determination, that you can have unintended consequences, which in this case the man loses his life. The author shows that having the environment kill the man indicates that he is foolish and had no imagination about the dangers that lay ahead.
Throughout the story, London treats the man harshly in comparison to the dog. The man had terrible instincts when it came to survival. The man was weak when he came face to face with nature, nature tortured him with accidents that made him suffer physically. He showed signs of numbness and was freezing in low temperatures that caused his death. London exclaims the reason the man has suffered was, ” This man did not know cold.” And ” He was losing in his battle with the frost.” As a matter of fact, I agree with London the man was arrogant. The man thought he could literally handle anything that nature throws at him. The old man at Sulphur Greek was right, the man should have listened to his warnings and should not have ignored it. But in the end the man does gain a better understanding ” You were right, old hoss; you were right.” It shows that ” the old- timer of Sulphur Creek,” the veteran was right when it came to the information for survival. As a result, unlike the dog, the man’s arrogance and intuition led to his downfall against nature.
On the other hand, London treats the nature indifferent in comparison to the man. In this passage, London portrays nature as violent when it came to the man’s life or anything that came in its way. Nature does not care if the man reaches the camp or whether he manages to survive. Since the man did not follow his instincts and did not want to return from the cold weather nature. Because of that nature, he had physical issues such as frost bite and numbness. Also, when the man lit the fire under the tree was not the best decision he could have made. It led him to freeze to death since he could not keep his body warm. In the end, London shows that the man underestimated nature.
To put it briefly, London treats the man as someone who is foolish and prideful. The man was too arrogant when heading out to the camp. He ignored all sign of danger and because of that, you will end up dead. London treats nature as someone who does not care about humanity. The author shows that when you do not listen to the signs of nature, it can lead to death. For this reason, following the man intuition was not valued enough in his travel in nature.

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