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The essay “Reflections of the re-awakening east” has been written by Bertrand Russell. He is the most famous writer and mathematician and philosopher as well. In starting of the essay Bertrand Russell, with reference to the history of the world give his remarks on the procedure of adjustment of energy and culture between the East and the West.

In the earliest history, the East predominated. It was both more civilized and more powerful than the West.However,with the passage of time with the rise of Greece, West became powerful. Then with the fall of Roman Empire, West became weak and East dominated during the time of Caliphate. It was the time when Europeans sunk in barbarism and call this period “The Dark Ages”, whereas for the people of Spain, which was Muhammaden had a brilliant culture. Later with the fall of Islamic state and culture (East), West become dominated and took up the leadership. According to Bertrand Russell, Asia is very important continent because it is the home of three distinct civilizations (Islamic, Hindus, Chinese).Bertrand Russell also advises the East not to adopt communism because according to him communism is poison. Bertrand Russell also advised the East about different aspects of science and machinery, he says that develop new technologies and machines but never forget your culture. So in this regard he advises Asian countries to preserve their culture and maintain its values. In this essay he also talks about Industralism.According to him in his essay, East is known for its culture and tradition whereas West is known for its mechanism and industrialism.

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In the end Russell says that Asian countries should learn from the West about the spirit of scientific research and should reject the desire for bringing the smaller nations under their control.

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