Equality means treating all individuals equally

Equality means treating all individuals equally, it is to respect their religion, culture, gender and sexual orientation. Diversity is about valuing that all individuals are from different backgrounds and to give ensure they are all given equal respect. Inclusion is ensuring that all individuals are given the opportunity to be included and not unfairly excluded due to their characteristics. All individuals should feel valued and respected.

As a duty manager I am responsible for ensuring that all individuals, residents, family members, members of staff and other professionals are treated with respect, dignity and equality. There are legislations, policies & procedures and codes of practice that regulate my role to ensure that diversity, inclusion and equality are followed. It is my responsibility as a duty manager to ensure that all staff are aware of and adhere to these legislation and policies and procedures. Some of the legislation we adhere to is: The Equality Act 2010, Equal Opportunities policy, sexual discrimination act 2006, fairness at work policy and the data protection act 1984.

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