Emile Durkheim was born April 15

Emile Durkheim was born April 15, 1858, then later passed away on November 15, 1917. He was an advanced sociologist in his time and is still considered one of the main pioneers of modern science, but he mainly concerned himself with societies and how they carry on with modernity and social integration. One of Durkheim’s major works was Suicide (1897), he did a complete thorough study that changed the way we view suicide, and by also improving our understanding on why some individuals commit to such an act. Suicide was only seen as a sick, twisted act done by a troubled soul, but Durkheim discovered that there is a connection to social factors and suicide, he found that social relationships or the lack thereof, has a great influence on an individual’s thoughts of suicide and tendencies. Social integration is the range of societies connected to certain social networks, while social facts cause an individual’s choice in suicide but which social facts are related to what type of suicide and is Durkheim’s findings outdated?


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