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Education is necessary for every country in the world. A country’s social and economic development relies on knowledge to progress and knowledge for a country’s citizens comes from education. People need to learn how to adapt their society to changing times and to understand the world–education enables people to do this. Education can help people get a good job and reinforce good behavior. Without a good education, individuals may not have be able to think maturely, might not develop a good character, and may even turn bad.
Education is more important than other problems and it is a problem worldwide. Today 60 million children are out of school for many reasons. In some developed countries, people have the luxury of considering which school is a better choice for their children. In other less developed areas, it is a problem to receive any education at all. According to the article, “They are live in conflict zones or Sub-Saharan Africa.” (Page 5) Young people in Europe and the U.S. generally receive a secondary education, but in Sub-Saharan Africa, most young people do not receive even schooling from early childhood. How can this problem be addressed?
In the war-torn regions of the world, because of years of violence, the refugee problem destabilizes living conditions. Many refugees have crossed the border to other countries; they are thinking about how to survive, so it’s very hard to get an education for their children. Also, many children may be forced to be soldiers or put into forced labour. Some extremists have forced children to engage in suicide attacks. Children there get trained as soldiers from their youth upward. The Middle East has often been a theatre of war with different beliefs causing religious conflicts. The oil reserves in the region intensify the race for military power and dominance. Terrorist groups have also led many countries to participate in war. The best way to solve problems is a quick end to war which can in turn promote economic development and can give children a chance for an education.
Disease has always existed in Africa where many students suffer from malnutrition and most of children basically have no education. Wars and a backward economy are the main causes of these problems. These problems are also influenced by history. Colonial rule and the slave trade has caused the economy to fail behind. African countries need international aid. United Nations should respond to the need for educational facilities and assist in creating the talent needed in Africa to improve its economic and political status.
In South Africa, the unemployment rate is about 60 percent. The main reason is most black people don’t have any skills. Lack of education leads to unemployment. White people receive a relatively higher educational level in South Africa, and they can get jobs more easily. One third of South African regional councilors need education training. It shows the poor ability of the government to provide services. The international community should attach importance to these issues. Local governments obviously don’t have the ability to do these things. The United Nations should not only send peacekeeping forces and supplies to these places, they should train teachers in order to provide education. Talent is the key to a country’s development.
Lack of good education also exists in China and South Asia. In Pakistan, only one third of children can complete primary education; 25 million children lose school time because of Taliban attacks on schools. The Pakistani government should take urgent protective measures to ensure school safety. They need to investigate the assailants who are attacking schools, students and teachers. Government forces sometimes occupy educational facilities as military bases. Once these places are used for the military, the risk of attack for these educational facilities will increase. The government should direct Pakistani security forces to prohibit the military from using the schools. Malnutrition in Indian children is almost twice as much as in Africa. The female literacy rate is only half. Because of gender discrimination, although girls account for 40% of the total number of students in primary schools, it’s very hard for girls to complete eight years of legal education. There is a worsening disparity of wealth and poverty. In rural areas, the quality of teaching and environment is very poor.
The same problems exist in China. In some remote mountainous areas and the countryside, some children must climb mountains to get to school. Dozens of children are crowded in a minibus. These kids risk their life to go to school. In fact, the chinese government has the ability to solve the educational facility problem but, because of political corruption, the problem is ignored. Actually, the problem could be solved if even two percent of money taken by corrupt officials could be used to build better schools. Unfortunately, talented people in rural areas don’t get the education they need and are forced to move to the city. Not too many educators are willing to teach in poor and remote mountainous areas even if given a bigger salary. Keeping talented people in poor regions is a big problem for these areas.
Children of Latin America also face inequality in education. Street children in Latin American countries who live in the cities are always exposed to violence and abuse. Some get involved in gangs and commit crime and violence. In Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, many poor children sell fruit or newspapers on the street instead of being in school. They just wander through urban centres and miss their childhood education.
It has not been estimated how many children live this way. Street children affect economic development where they live and work unsupervised. Causes of street happen usually related to domestic, economic. Every child deserves the chance to go to school. Education is every child’s right. They should not have to go to work at a young age. They need to develop character and skill and cannot achieve these qualities without an education. In turn, they are not able to contribute to the economic and social development of their country. They become a resource for violent elements in their society. These countries should realize that. The International community should put an emphasis on this matter. Developed nations need to create educational foundations to help these children, to build schools and train teachers. These foundations should also promote the importance of education in these countries.
Inequality in education is still is a serious problem in the world. “Education can help people get a good job and reinforce good behavior.” People should place importance on that. Inequality in education is influenced by the factors of wealth, location and gender. Talent is the key to solve problems in education and goes a long way to make this world a better place.

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