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Education is an imperative procedure of the advancement of any general public. It is considered one of the primary Pillars of a general public (Adams, 1998). Education is the establishment of all sorts of advancements on the world. On the world just those nations have hit ground and advancement which have a sound education system (Ball, 1990).
Education is necessary for the personality grooming of individual. It creates awareness among the people about life and its challenges in the creation. It fills discharge minds with thoughts and imagination. So educationally sound nations play leadership role in the world (American Federation of Teachers, 2000). Since its independence, Pakistan lagged behind in national development and progress due to weak education system.
The primary system of education couldn’t create progress due to several factors such as parochial social structure and state politicians, corrupt paperwork, authoritarian regimes, fragile civil society and weak democracy.
Another gloomy side of the story is that even the gift of day of the government has targeted solely only the upper education and primary education has been neglected. This mental object of primary education system has created gaps between the education establishments at numerous levels.
This can be simply seen within the performances of student coming from elite schools and traditional government schools (Government of Punjab, 2002). This case has created extra confounded the problems of parents, teachers and students who are related to government primary schools inside the country. Because of this situation, Pakistan is lagging at the back of many countries the South Asian location in terms of fundamental literacy rates. It’s far the bottom in the area (Government of Pakistan, 2001).
Finance is that the life blood of any system. Lack of cash affects the expansion and development of a system (Bullous and Podgursky, 2000). At the time of independence, Pakistan since its beginning hereditary a poor education system that was already financially disabled. The primary education system couldn’t get enough monetary from the government that additional weakened the system physically and academically (Shah, 2003).
The budgetary allocation for education in Pakistan is lesser than different countries within the region. The present education budget allocation is a smaller amount than a pair of the Gross Domestic product (GDP). As compared to Pakistan, Srilanka allocates three.2 % on education, Nepal 2.7%, India 3.5% and Asian country three.5% of their GDPs. Moreover, the system is troubled with financial corruption that exacerbated the issues of the system. Resultantly, the standard of teaching and learning, administration and coming up with, implementation of policies got affected (Hayes, 1987).
The poor teaching and learning standards, weak management and supervising has semiconductor diode to enhanced drop outs at primary level. Consequently, the parents are reluctant to send their youngsters to those schools (Shahzadi and Praveen, 2002). There has been continues decrease within the enrollment of primary education within the country. Despite of speedily increasing population 40% of the youngsters in Pakistan are below 5 years of age. This is often a horrifying situation within the country that has propelled different issue like child labor, child abuse and child trafficking so on (Khalid, 1998).
Education is that the key to the socio-economic development of states. Building a high quality education structure warrants a powerful foundation within the kind of quality primary education. Education generally and education for all in specific, is one among the highest priorities of government of Pakistan. The country has ten-year Perspective Development arrange (2001-2011) visualizing the long run macro-economic and sectorial growth methods. National plan of Action (2001-2015) has been developed through broad primarily based consultation with principle actors EFA and stakeholders. The idea for designing goals of the National plan of Action (2001-2015) is that the sixth EFA goal that aims to achieve the disadvantages population teams in rural and concrete areas with stress on out of school and illiterate girls and women; and to enhance relevancy and quality of basic education through enhancing learning achievements of the youngsters.
Although the government of Pakistan has taken several in initiatives like revision of national curricula, production of quality textbooks, placement of graduate teachers at primary level, and grant of stipends to girl students, however we’ve not been able to accomplish the participation rate of 100 percent by 2015 at primary level that is one in all the most important provisions of National plan of Action (Government of Pakistan, 2005). Nearly the similar targets were set for the developing countries beneath Millennium Development Goals (2004); its Goal ‘2’ is ‘to make sure that by 2015 youngsters everyplace, boys and women alike, are going to be able to complete a full course of primary schooling’. This target of universalization of primary education looks to be tough to realize with this pace of students’ participation. These days 9 out of the 10 youngsters within the world head to school. A total of 570 million primary age youngsters are listed in schools whereas seventy two million are still out of school.
Punjab is home to 56 of Pakistan’s population representing 83.7 million folks. As the largest province, Punjab occupies a important role within the country’s economic and political life, and may help to form the direction of national policies, enabling similar reforms in alternative provinces to assist the complete country move towards action of the millennium Development Goals (2004). Skills rate in Punjab is 59%, female literacy rate is 500% and male is 69%, where rural literacy rate is 48% and urban is 74% (Government of Pakistan, 2010; Government of Pakistan, 2005a ; b). The enrollment and drop out situation at primary level isn’t encouraging. Out of an estimated one million youngsters who are registered in primary categories, thousands leave per annum ensuing high drop move into every category. However it’s attention-grabbing to notice that the bottom drop out at primary level in Punjab is at school fourth that is 18.7% and also the highest one is at school one that is 29.4% (Government of the Punjab, 2007).
In keeping with the objectives of the national education policy 1998-2010, the current government has according high priority to quality primary education for all. So as to attain this objective, the government has started upgrading existing primary schools to elementary schools, initiating non-formal education in government for 5-9 years age group in underprivileged areas and initiating early childhood education in government schools (The ministry of education, 2001).
Analysis of school reforms and policy implementation measures in Pakistan. One will simply infer from a detailed perusing of the various education policies that the most targets that were an equivalent in every case. Every policy tried to realize the target of universal primary education, quality education technical ability, higher quality teacher coaching, community participation etc. however, none of those targets has been achieved utterly to this point.

In addition, the primary school program has recently been revised; the community is additional concerned at school management than it absolutely was before; the teachers in some schools have exploitation completely different teaching methods; the strength of the many schools has improved.
The Government of Pakistan has introduced many education policies and reforms for rising education standards except for the provincial governments that have also been active during this field. The target of this study is to investigate completely different programs launched at provincial level for rising the standard and standards of education in Punjab Province. The foundation of Punjab Education was established in 1991 as an autonomous body to produce education through public-private cooperation within the remote areas. This foundation had terribly strict rules that need to be restructured within the lightweight of Act-XII. The objective of Punjab Education Foundation is very clear concerning the promotion of prime quality education by providing financial and technological support. Punjab has considerably larger participation among the kids of school ages compared with remaining provinces of Pakistan. At the time during this, 60 and 35 thousand governments also as private schools are operational in 36 district of Punjab (Asadullah, 2009).

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