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e family is a fundamental and irreplacable society. This paper explores the following aspects of the family: the key place of the family in African culture; community aspects of the African family; roles within the African family; fertility: love for children; the African family in transition; evangelization of African family values; and some family apostolate programs in the Church in Africa. The family is the normal reference point for the African. The religious dimension is prominent in the traditional celebration of marriage in Africa. The African sees himself as a member of a group. This group is primarily his lineage or extended family. In Africa the family is permeated with a keen sense of community. The family community is marked by a hierarchy of relationships, privileges and duties, together with an intense sense of solidarity. In the African family, 4 roles need special mention: the father, the mother, the child, and the elderly. The husband and father is seen traditionally as the head of the family. Most African families are patriarchal, although a few are matr

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