During at this time

During at this time, Japanese military lead to a more distant relationship between local races. Japanese military gave a different treatment for Malays and Indians and Chinese, they treated unfairly. Malay people have been appointed as Japanese secret police especially ‘Kempeitai’. The ‘Kempetei’ (Japanese military police) conducted house-to-house raids for stolen goods in selected areas. Anyone who found hoarding goods for which he could give a satisfactory explanation was hauled away to be shot. The campaign spread fear and panic among the local population but was extremely effective in stopping looting and lawlessness. At the same time, the Japanese army began mopping up operations against “anti-Japanese element”, as resistance was reported in many parts of the country. The aimed at targeted ‘Asia for Asian’ administration. Whoever the anti-Japanese as Chinese people have been killed and tortured by the Japanese. Indian people were used as forced labor and send to the Thai-Burmese board to work as construct. Food shortages and disease caused many deaths, until the railway is known as the “Death Railway”.
Lack of food, especially rice, have been caused by various diseases. Among the many deadly diseases are malaria and beriberi. More serious disease problems because a lack of medication especially went the drugs were seized by the Japanese’s for their need in Malaya. All the Japanese hospitality to the Malays has agreed the Chinese people. Even the Japan has appointed Malays as Police and Army force. The reason for the Malays police and army which they are used by the Japanese to resist giving it the appearance consistently of the Chinese people. Japanese spies to add more anger the Chinese. The result after the Japanese occupation racial clashes occurred between the Malays and Chinese. Other than that, Goods from the juice of pineapple leaves, coconut sugar, an industrious occupation of Japan between the Malays and the spirit of self-reliance.
Japan’s occupation realizes the importance of teaching the Malays, raise awareness. Japan has adopted its culture in the local community, especially the Malays. In this regard, Japan has expanded the Japanese language in Malaya. The Medium of instruction in school was changed from English to the Japanese language. To promote the language, the government has taken initiative to organized short courses for the Japanese language for the locals. The adoption of the Japanese culture has been carried out the whole community like the public holiday on the festival season in Japan were declared. Japans government also banned to use the Chinese language in the Chinese school in Malaya. Japan also involved Malaya school system which they fully implemented to require singing the Japan national anthem (Kamigayo) every morning and respecting the Japanese flag so the people of Malaya will honor the emperor of Japan.


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