Doctors are killing Americans

Doctors are killing Americans. The opioid epidemic is the loss of many lives through the use of prescribed medications. Opioids are often given to patients with acute to severe pain in order to relieve their chronic pain immediately. These drugs are very effective, but they come with the risk of being extremely addictive. Major clinics explain that the opioid drugs are addictive because, “When you take opioids repeatedly over time, your body slows its production of endorphins.” The article later concludes that, “your body becomes tolerant to the drug and may cause you to tell yourself you need higher doses to feel even better” (Mayo Clinic). There are many different types of opioids which include: codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and methadone to name a few. Tens of thousands of people, of all ages, are dying each year over recommended legal drugs by medical doctors in the United States. The opioid epidemic can be reduced through alternative treatments, the prescription of less powerful drugs, and the dilemma addressed from a biblical worldview.
Alternative chronic pain treatments can be used to reduce opioid overdose. It is critical to find options in order to improve the epidemic that the United States is faced with today. Medical doctors should first prescribe less powerful drugs to treat pain before prescribing anything else. If a patient’s pain is too severe, which causes him or her to ask for stronger drugs, doctors should always strongly inform the patient of the probability of addiction. Although, if a patient has an acute pain and is asking for more than what was prescribed, doctors should not give the patient more as it could lead to addiction.
There are varying categories of opioids known as CIII and CII opioids. They are similar, but CIII opioids are less addictive and less powerful than their counterparts. CIII class opioids contain buprenorphine which treats pain, but also assists with addiction to other pain relievers. The “MindTap article” states, “One highly promising solution to the dilemma focuses on an underutilized treatment for chronic pain called buprenorphine.” Patients usually receive CII opioids, which are the more powerful and addictive ones between the two. Doctors should present CIII opioids to patients before turning to riskier, highly addictive CII opioids.
Another way of decreasing the amount of fatalities from overdoses is prescribing opioids drugs but also treating them with electric currents to their nerve fibers to reduce the risk of addiction forming. The “Newsweek article” explains that, “Unlike opioids, these procedures are proven to provide long-term relief.” (MindTap). It is a good alternative, but it is not commonly done as it is more expensive than simply prescribing a pill.
Medications do help our physical bodies, but ultimately, there is only one great healer, Jesus Christ. Jesus has always been the healer working through many lives while he was on earth but he works today through the Holy Spirit in us. He has and does heal countless of people not only spiritually, but physically. Isaiah 41:10 says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Bible) This verse is telling us not to fear because whatever situation we are in, we can depend and trust on the Lord and he will uphold us. Pills can uphold you for so long, but the Lord will never fail you.
Opioids have killed many lives, but they have also helped people also. Sixty-seven year old Louis Ogden has suffered with chronic pain for most of his life. He continually looked for any medication that would ease his pain. He later found doctors who recommended a high dosage of opioid drugs. Mr. Ogden states, “After we finally got to the right dose, I’m able to live my life, more or less as a normal person. Whereas, prior to that… I was practically housebound.” (video) His wife also believes that, “the intentional removal of effective pain medication, it’s a deliberate action to inflict pain on someone. That is the definition of torture.” ( video) Today, there are doctors who are ready to risk their careers in order to prescribe whatever the amount a patient needs to feel good. Seventy-six year old Doctor Tennant explains, “My job is to relieve pain and suffering, so when I see somebody like the AMA decide they are not going to assess pain, I’m not with them.” Several doctors who have prescribed very high dosages have been arrested and put into prison for twenty-five years or more. Doctors who are for the use of opioid drugs have believed that this is the best way to help a patient who is in pain.


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