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Give a description of your recent PBL experience in your PAL class.

Our tutor explained what Personal Academic Learning was. Then, she assigned us to make groups of three persons, because we are thirteen in number in the class. Each member of the group should choose a role which is chair, timekeeper, scribe and reader. I chose the chair, because I prefer being a leader and using leadership skills such as communication, listening, compassion etc. After that, we choose one current global issue such as pollution, global warming, drug addiction and video game addiction. Later, we conducted research about our topic from 200 to 400 words according to the question of the week – there were four questions (Identified, Causes, Impact and Solution). Moreover, in each week we had team meeting about the question of the week to we share our notes together.

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Describe your feelings: before, during and after this experience.

Before I started the PBL project, I felt the topic was difficult and confusing. (E)Maybe I felt that it was the first time for me to do something like this, and I did not have any good idea about it. In addition, I did not know how to make a good paraphrasing and make references in APA style. (E) For example, I had some problems getting the information because I searched on wrong websites and then did not know how to reference it.
During the PBL project, I felt that I was very confused. I felt that because when I do my research, I should paraphrase the notes (write it in my own words). Actually, I did not know how to paraphrase. For example, when I did my notes, I should paraphrase the paragraph (write it in my own words), but unfortunately, I do cut and paste on my first research. Also, since it was first time to do APA referencing I had to struggle to do it correctly.
After this experience, I felt that I am very happy and proud because I felt I had done all the word well. As well as, I understudied what is PBL project. I felt that because I know now do great job, and I can do better next time. Also, I know how to do my character in the meeting well. For example, I chose a credible website and took a good information from it. I know a lot of things about Air pollution now and I know I can do the references in APA style in right way.

I felt I developed by paraphrased the notes, chosen a reliable website and make the references in APA style, this experience developed my skill in the research and I learned how I do a perfect research and how to know the reliable websites or not. Also, now I feel that I have the ability to do research more than before. when I was compare my feelings before, during and after the project. I feel changed from project to another. Actually, feelings will help you to learn and know about yourself more.

Explain what you did well and did not do well as a group member during the PBL group project.

One thing which I did well in the project it is my role “chair”. I did it well because my experiences and the skills that I have. For examples, I make sure that everybody done the work, and submit it before the times up.
On the other hand, I didn’t do it very well is the attendance, that because in the middle of PBL project I felt I am under pressure and I decided to drop the subject, so I miss two lessons to take my action I drop it, or I continue. Actually, I took my action and I chose to continue for many reasons. For example, I have to take experience and become more flexible in dealing with stress.
This project makes me know myself “who is I am” and what I can do and there are nothings impossible. The benefit of improving skills is to be more flexible and confidence.

What did you learn most about yourself in the PBL group project?
At PBL project I learn many things. First, I know I was a good chair. Because I play my role in right way and I have good skills to lead my group. For example, I learned how I do the reference, and I learned that how I can choose credible websites to take the right and reliable information’s. In addition, I come more confidant when I talk to others. As well as, I can be good listener than before, I understand the things than I answer. I can see the ability in myself to communicate with others by being I good listener and understand them. Self-education is the best way to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve your weak points, and make some change in yours.

Action Plan
Identify and give examples of how you would improve your group work skills for the future.
For the next PBL projects I will improve myself on the research skills. Also, I need to improve in how to do excellent research because I need it in my job in the future. For example, when I am doing my research I should choose credible website and I should take the good point. In addition, I have to improve my paraphrasing skill. For example, I join to online courses that help me to do paraphrase. Research is the challenge for me because did not do any research before I come to the university. However, I can do that, and nothing’s impossible. For example, I will make note and before I do any research I will look in note to I do perfect research.

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