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Corey O’Bryon-Diaz Reál
Professor Dr. Jessica Kenty-Drane
SOC 250.01
22 June 2018
Apocalyptic Threat Assessment
Nick Bostrom and Milan M. Cirkovic evaluation of ‘severity’ is characterized by three variables; how many people including morally germane beings are being deplorably affected and its probability of how likely a disaster is to occur. The scope of peril can be personally affecting only one person and affecting a sizably voluminous part of the human population (not only in the current world), but throughout generations that could come to subsist in the future.
Figure 1.1 suggests that the axes can be elongated to encompass conceptually possible risks that are even more extreme. In particular, trans-generational risks can contain a subclass of perils so destructive that their entelechy would not only affect or pre-empt future human generations but would withal ravage the potential of our future light cone of the macrocosm to engender perspicacious or self-vigilant beings, transcribed as being ‘Cosmic’. On the other hand, according to many other theories of value, there can be the state(s) of being that is even worse than non-subsistence or demise which are consistent with aeonian and extreme forms of slavery and/or mind control. In principle, the possibility to elongating the x-axis to the right as well. – A subset of ecumenical catastrophic risks is the existential risk; existential risk(s) are threats that cause the extinction of Earth; originating astute life and/or to reducing the quality of life sempiternally and drastically, leaving the question behind…What could have been possible?
According to Bostrom transhumanism is a gradual kineticism that has developed over time; it promotes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and evaluating the opportunities for enhancing human conditioning and the human organism opened up by the advancement of technology. Transhumanists view human nature as a work-in-progress; needing not be the endpoint of evolution. Transhumanists hope that by being responsible for the utilization of science, technology, and other rational denotes we as a society shall manage to become posthuman, individuals with a more preponderant capacity than that of the present humans. There’s great concern for the jeopardies posed to humans by technological progress, Bostrom in fact, has been a longtime advocate of transhumanism utilizing his efforts to amending the human condition, and even human nature itself, through technological designates. The implements of philosophy and mathematics, in particular, probability theory, endeavor and determine how we as a species might achieve this safe passage.
The connection to existential risk is twofold. First, the first of those three possibilities, that virtually all civilizations like ours go extinct afore reaching technological maturity conspicuously bears directly on how much existential risk we face. If proposition 1 is true, then the conspicuous implicative insinuation is that we will succumb to an existential catastrophe afore reaching technological maturity. The other relationship with existential risk has to do with proposition 3: if we are living in a computer simulation then there are certain exotic ways in which we might experience an existential catastrophe which we wouldn’t fear if we are living in basement level physical authenticity. The simulation could be shut off, for instance. Or there might be other kinds of interventions in our simulated authenticity.

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