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Conventional way of measuring
glucose level using finger pricking method does
not only cause pain but is also costly to diabetic
patients since the lancet and test strip is not
reusable. Addressing to this matter, a simple
metabolic heat conformation (MHC) technique
was adapted in our study to measure human
glucose level using non-invasive method which is
harmless and capable of providing real time
monitoring. This method is adapted based on the
theory of glucose metabolism process which
produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP
function to transport energy within cells in form
of heat dissipated throughout human body. Thus,
temperature based algorithm was conducted
using an implemented prototype circuit sensor
which consist of pyro electric detector and NTC
thermistor to detect small variation of human
and surrounding temperature. A total of 50
samples have been collected for analysis
purposes. Results obtained from the
temperature-based prototype glucose monitoring
system using NTC thermistor (TPGMS-NTC).

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