Communication is an important part of everyday life and is very important within in a business environment

Communication is an important part of everyday life and is very important within in a business environment, various methods of communication are used within the workplace to ensure efficacious communication between all parties. Every form of communication has a number of benefits and disadvantage depending on the target audience. When communication is carried out in the proper manner, then all parties included will receive the same information and will understand it in the same way. For example communicating face to face would be effective for a one to one meeting or a group meeting, face-to-face would be good for a one to one meeting and this is due to a number of reasons
One-to- one meetings is an efficient way to improve communication between employee’s and the employer, this is due to the fact it is a good way to make employee’s feel valid to their company and that their contributions are worthwhile to business. It allows both the manager the employees to discuss fixable issues, before they become a serious problem, as well as allowing employers and employees to work together as a team, and let’s them solve problems together. It is also an excellent way to increase employee loyalty as they are made to feel as if the work they do is worthwhile, and they are important part of the team. These one to one meetings, allow the manager and the worker to develop a trust on a more personal level, and allows employees to talk about more personal matters that may be affecting their work life.
One-to-one is an excellent way to develop trust between the manager and the worker, one-to-one meetings can seem important time to all employees due to the fact it allows both the manager and the employee to make a individual connection, both as co-worker and as human beings, it help to build rapport helping the manager the employees worry and concerns. It’s a good way for each employee to spend some personal time with their manager and talk about any personal issues or worries. Also, it allows people who are unlikely to speak up in group meetings to have their say without the worry of embarrassment or mockery.
It also allows the manager to talk to the employee privately about their tasks and their performance on certain tasks, it allow the employee and the manager to look at obstacles that are stopping the employee completing certain task and what can be done to overcome these obstacles. Along with discussing problems that have arisen and to discuss the best way to stop these problems.
On the other hand, a one-to-one wouldn’t be a good way to spread news that involves the whole business, a better way to do this would be through a monthly newsletter, a news letter doesn’t need to be personal and is a time effective way to share a information with a large amount of people.


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