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College of Information Technology
Information System Project
BSc in Information System
E-Reservation System for Beauty Salon
Presented by
Bushra Ahmed Alsaadi (201424169)
Reem Mohammed Alkali (201424138)
Submitted to
Dr Liaqat Ali
Date of Submission
23 MAY 2018
The world of technology is developed day by day and includes all aspects of life. All people tend to terminate their transactions and work electronically, and personally a class of these people.
This project is aimed at developing an online reservation system for a beauty salon. The E-Reservation System is a based system that can be accessed throughout the internet and can be accessed by anyone who has a net connection.

This online reservation system provides a website for a salon. This salon has multiple services and many products, the customer has options either to book an appointment or buying products in one click no need to come and wait. User is required to login to the system to be ready for booking an appointment or make an order if they liked to buy products.

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The salons is one of the most interest places for girls and women because their interest in beauty and fashion is more than anything else, they enjoy different services in salon either for hair, skin and more. But all this excitement vanishes after standing in hours in long queues to do one service.

The website provides all services available in salon and all the products that use and can buy in salon. The online reservation system is one of the best opportunities for those who cannot afford enough time to get their appointment reserved standing in long queues. People can book and buy online at any time of day or night. Our reservation system also provides option to cancel the order which are reserved previously.

AcknowledgementThis project required a lot of assistance and guidance because the success and outcome of this project need that from many people and I am privileged to have this all along the completion of my project. What I have done in this project in each step is due to such supervision and assistance and I would not forget to thank them.

I thank Dr. Liaqat Ali and respect him for giving us all support and guidance, which helps and made us complete the project in the right way. I am extremely thankful to him for providing such a nice support, while he had busy schedule.
I would not forget to remember Mr. Hassan, for him encouragement and more over for their timely support, and guidance step by step till the completion of our project work.

Also am thankful to and fortunate enough to get constant encouragement and guidance from all teaching staffs of information Technology College that helped us in successfully completing our project.

TOC o “1-3” h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc514935524 h 2Acknowledgement PAGEREF _Toc514935525 h 21.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc514935526 h 21.2 Background Study PAGEREF _Toc514935527 h 21.3Research Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc514935528 h 21.4 Aims and Objectives PAGEREF _Toc514935529 h 2Aim PAGEREF _Toc514935530 h 2Objectives PAGEREF _Toc514935531 h 21.5 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc514935532 h 21.6 Project Scope and Importance PAGEREF _Toc514935533 h 21.7 Project Rationale PAGEREF _Toc514935534 h 21.8 Project Limitations PAGEREF _Toc514935535 h 21.9 Structure to this document PAGEREF _Toc514935536 h 22.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc514935537 h 2It works 24/7. PAGEREF _Toc514935538 h 2It saves a lot of time and effort. PAGEREF _Toc514935539 h 2Payments are easier and faster. PAGEREF _Toc514935540 h 22.2 booking system or Reservation system PAGEREF _Toc514935541 h 22.3 Beauty Salon PAGEREF _Toc514935542 h 23.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc514935543 h 23.2 Project design PAGEREF _Toc514935544 h 23.3 Design the website PAGEREF _Toc514935545 h 23.4 Summary of pages on our website: PAGEREF _Toc514935546 h 23.5 Inductive approach PAGEREF _Toc514935547 h 23.6 Deductive approach PAGEREF _Toc514935548 h 23.7 Sources of Data PAGEREF _Toc514935549 h 2Primary Data PAGEREF _Toc514935550 h 2Secondary Data PAGEREF _Toc514935551 h 23.8 Software Used PAGEREF _Toc514935552 h 2Advantages of PHP PAGEREF _Toc514935553 h 2My SQL PAGEREF _Toc514935554 h 2Java Script Programming Language PAGEREF _Toc514935555 h 23.9 DATA Flow: PAGEREF _Toc514935556 h 23.12 Target Population of the Project PAGEREF _Toc514935557 h 23.13 ER- Diagram PAGEREF _Toc514935558 h 23.14 Tables PAGEREF _Toc514935559 h 24.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc514935560 h 2E-reservation system for beauty salon PAGEREF _Toc514935561 h 24.2 Page 1: Home Page PAGEREF _Toc514935562 h 24.3 Page 2: Sign In PAGEREF _Toc514935563 h 24.4 How to Make an Appointment Requests PAGEREF _Toc514935564 h 24.5 E-Commerce PAGEREF _Toc514935565 h 2Admin Panel PAGEREF _Toc514935566 h 2What is a Website Administrator? PAGEREF _Toc514935567 h 2What does a website administrator do? PAGEREF _Toc514935568 h 25.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc514935569 h 25.3 CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc514935570 h 25.4 RECOMMENDATION PAGEREF _Toc514935571 h 2
Chapter 1
Introduction to Research
1.1 IntroductionIn this chapter will, represent many topics contains the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Aim and Objective of the Study, Scope and limitation. For the E-reservation system for beauty salon.
Many people find it hard to contact and go to the salon each time if they want to book an appointments or buying products. It will take quite some time to do the process of finding the available time and day and often involved some cost to do so. Nowadays, E-reservation system for beauty salon would be a more popular choice for customers to help them to solve their problem. It is developed so that the costumer can easily check the time and the date availability status. The system have a database that contains the customer information, it must be able to accurately give the services details and products information to make it easier to select and use.

R & B beauty salon, it is salon, which offers various treatments it, has the best treatment and facility with good equipment, and it is situated at the heart of the city where people from any place can visit the salon.
Beauty salon is a place of satisfaction and relief to all beauty needs, it is a place of relax and for refreshment for all person, R & B Beauty salon consist of well learned specialist, who would generally cater all kinds of person with various skin treatments.

In this report will create a website system using PHP and MySQL for booking an appointment easily from salon also ability to buy some of our products online.
Will also do some analytical study based on the feedback received from client visited to salon. Based on the quantitative and qualitative approach we will set some interview question for the end user. Based on that draw a conclusion and improvement part of the website.
1.2 Background Study
Nowadays, computer is very important. Because it is makes life, more convenient and easy people were able to make work faster. Moreover, because of computer, the works effected because it will be more reliable and produce the accurate results. This study was made for the mean purpose. The purpose is to removing manual process that people manipulate and do thing that beneficial to them. Therefore, Computer stands the one that has an important role in our way of life.
Choosing the Reservation System for beauty salon is for manage their reservation faster in easy way without wasting a time in making reservation. The system has Features make it different between other systems that the user can manage and easy to understand how will use it.

Features of system is users can Add, Save, Update, Search, Delete, Print records, and Manage account. Sometimes other forms of the Customer are lost because of storage and security. This system will being able to make a retrieve and restore data easily. In addition, it will provide different forms for different reservation.

E-reservation system for beauty salon is established keeping in mind to provide good service to the client and make sure to guide them with the best of the services provided, the salon not only offers good services but also we make sure to get good feedback from the customers, so that we can establish or improve our services if required.
1.3Research Problem StatementThe main problem that observed was that information generated using reservation system by papers that called a manual system is not accurate enough and clears for both the customer and the management and also for admin, also that the customer Relations Officer has the problem. He took a hard time to retrieve the needed information about reservation form and customer also information about the customer itself. Many of people are interested in beauty, beauty salons but some of us may not have the opportunity to go to the salon to make an appointment .The online booking and E-reservation system will help solve this problem, which will increase the number of customers for the salon.
1.4 Aims and ObjectivesAim
Design and Develop an online reservation system for a beauty salon. Because that E-Reservation System is very significant. Instead of wasting their time and effort of making reservations manually, the proposed system will help to make a better and much easier way of reserving appointment and also buying products.

Objectives In this system and under this study has been taken a practical approach to understand how online reservation system works. Through the system will include all the necessary features and fields, which are required during online reservation system. This system will be easy to use and understand any person can use it. The basic idea is to save data in a central database, which can be accessed by any, authorize person to get information and to save time and burden which their customers, are facing, also:
•To help speed up the process of beauty salon.

•To automated the manual reservation of salon.

•To standardized the reservation system with the customers.
•To reduce the amount of time to and effort consume.
•Provide user account and password for security of stored files.

•To reduce their expenses in making reservation.
1.5 Research QuestionsIt interesting to focus on the following research questions:
How do customers of salon choose their services and products?
How does a quality and time affect their decision?
Which factors constitute and can make a strong reservation system?
How is it possible for a salon to strengthen its services and be able to compete in the competition created by the salons chains?
1.6 Project Scope and ImportanceE-reservation system for beauty salon has main scope it is to create a computerized reservation form. It will reduce lots of time to fill up the form physically. The system also will provide the reports of the customer. It can Add, Save, Delete Records and Update events etc. System is not Online-Based System so it cannot provide a long-term access for the future user unless the proponent will updated the system or maintenance it, and when the Customer have a problems they need to go to the salon to report their problems. Main importance of the website is to book appointment from their own house by one click no need to go anywhere physically and this will save time.

1.7 Project RationaleBecause of expect from a booking system a range of benefits the reason of this project comes, including less work for the office. When customers book their own appointments and make buying orders, the reservation pops into system with all accurate details, so all you have to do is get ready to go to salon or received the order when the time comes. This allows reception staff time to tend to their other tasks. Also reduced chances of losing a reservation that way, if something goes wrong, you have the data to prove it is no fault of your appointment. Moreover, can still provide the customers with a many solutions. Easily gathered data an online booking system feeds a huge amount of customer’s data into your system. That is very useful to know, in addition will help you improve customer service.

1.8 Project LimitationsTo this study, Period was limitation. Internet, to run the system it require an internet services. In addition, the salon still uses a manual procedure in keeping records of their customers and past, current and upcoming reservation of booked appointment and purchased products. In making a reservation the customers must fill some forms, like the reservation form before go to the cashier for payment. As for phone, call applies a same process but it takes more time that reason of too many inquiries and questions.

1.9 Structure to this documentThis project will contains the following five chapters;Chapter 1 – introduction of the project.

Chapter 2 – the literature review.

Chapter 3 – Methodology.

Chapter 4 -Finding and analysis.

Chapter 5- Conclusion and Recommendations.

Chapter 2
Literature Review
2.1 IntroductionThis is a time of global competition; all of the world are competing between each other’s using the comprehensive and advanced technological features. The most common example of innovation is in the information technology and communication.
Advancements of software and using of internet to maintain and monitor their ecommerce. In the application of the informative systems, the salon reservation system is the one of the used system.

The literature review deals with the many topics and the researches that would help to understand salon Reservation System. The main objective of this literature review is to analyse the related work to this project also mechanisms used in previous studies. The following proposed system aims to develop a simple website for facilitating reservation process at salon. The system provide an easy way for searching on an appointment and available days , inserting the customers information, getting details when need information about specific customer, also making a reservation for services and doing payment process if the customer buy the products online.

This chapter review the existing system and techniques related with Online Booking and Management System that will be developed later. Also deals with the topics and the researches that would help to understand and use Reservation System for beauty salon. Without an online booking system, you will have to rely on phone calls and go to salon only to make reservations. Clearly, an online booking system is necessary and required nowadays that is why we would like to point out the benefits every actually good online booking system should bring you.

It works 24/7.
An online booking system works all the time. This gives freedom to potential customers to book services anytime they want and maximizes your sales because you are not limited to your working hours. In fact studies show that a 24/7 online reservation system greatly increases the number of bookings.

It saves a lot of time and effort.
An online reservation system makes salon staff more efficient because they won’t be tied to a phone waiting for guest calls. Most of the time employees will get new reservations online and they will have more free time to do other things instead of playing phone tag.

Payments are easier and faster.Payments are also greatly eased with an online booking system. You can require guests to pay when they book, further increasing your income, and not worry about payments when they arrive. In addition, in case of a no-show, you can keep some of the money as compensation.

2.2 booking system or Reservation systemIn 1946, American Airlines installed the first automated booking system, the experimental electromechanical Reservoir. A newer machine with temporary storage based on a magnetic drum, the Magnetron Reservoir, soon followed. This system proved successful, and was soon being used by several airlines, as well as Sheraton Hotels and Goodyear for inventory control. It was seriously hampered by the need for local human operators to do the actual lookups; ticketing agents would have to call a booking office, whose operators would direct a small team operating the Reservoir and then read the results over the telephone. There was no way for agents to directly query the system
(source: )
Computer reservation system  (CRS) is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental, or other activities. Originally designed and operated by airlines, CRSs were later extended for the use of travel agencies. Global distribution systems (GDS) book and sell tickets for multiple airlines. Most airlines have outsourced their CRSs to GDS companies which also enable consumer access through Internet gateways. Modern GDS’s typically allow users to book hotel rooms, rental cars, airline tickets as well as other activities and tours. They also provide access to railway reservations and bus reservations in some markets, although these are not always integrated with the main system. These are also used to relay computerized information for users in the hotel industry, making reservation and ensuring that the hotel is not overbooked.

In 1976 defines computers based information systems as structured systems that rely on computer hardware and software technology to collect, process, and store and distribute information. Information systems are employed to support decision making and control in business. Information systems can also be used to analyse problems, visualize complex subjects, and create new products. Input, processing and output are the three activities in an information system that produces the information a business needs.
2.3 Beauty SalonBeauty salons have proven to be a recession-proof industry across United States. Although sales had declined from 2008 highs due to the Great Recession, they remain robust with long term positive forecast. Even though during recessions, consumers tend to be more price conscious, spending continues to go increase. With rising per capita incomes across the United States since 2015, beauty salons are booming with the industry generating $56.2 billion in the United States.

Hair care is the largest segment with 86,000 locations. Skin care is expected to have revenue of almost $11 billion by 2018. This growth is being driven in part by a generally increasing awareness of the importance of skin care among American woman, but also specifically due to an increase in the market for men. The market is distributed widely across America, with a concentration in the Northeast and Midwest. There is also a growing trend in boutique salons popping up and leveraging online marketing to gain customers and compete with the franchise chains. The US Labour Department estimates employment in the United States will increase 20% between 2008–2014, with greatest employment growth from skin care specialists.
(Source: )
Chapter 3
Project Methodology
3.1 IntroductionIn this chapter will defines the research used methods to conduct the study. The researcher explains how the data and information to address the research objectives and questions was collected, presented and analysed. Design the Reasons and justifications for the research, research instruments, data sources, data collection techniques, data presentation techniques and analytical techniques used are given.

3.2 Project design
The project is a system where the customer can book an appointment through which he chooses several services. He also buys a product through the website if conditions do not allow him to go to the salon.

The site contains several pages: an electronic sales page and there are products in the salon that the customer can buy electronically
The page displays a list of the services provided by the salon and the customer chooses what he wants and can book for him at the time and day he wishes, and the contact page.

There is also another screen for the manager of the site through which he can monitor and follow up the number of reservations and requests and dates of receipt and others. This will help to organize time and facilitate the booking and payment and retrieval of information in the fastest way and there will be no need to wait long time.
3.3 Design the website
Initially, think about the value or function that the system will provide to users as a customers and be something that is of great benefit and is easy to understand and use, and then move on to how to apply this function and set up in an electronic system is a website.
E-reservation system for beauty salon provides an electronic booking facility for appointments. There will be a list of all the services offered in the salon. The customer can set a date for himself on a certain day and time. He chooses the services he wants to guarantee his right and does not wait for a long time .And also the purchase and sale of products used in the salon through the website to facilitate the purchase to the customer and to the category who have difficulty going to the salon to buy the product. Then, thought about some programs and software that might help us complete the work, start loading it and how to use it. Started use WAMP Server and PHP to create a database to store the data required by our customers. Databases provide an efficient way to store, retrieve and analyze data. While system files can function similarly to databases, they are far less efficient. Databases are especially important for business and research. Databases are older than many people realize. By the mid-1960s, businesses and governments were using simple databases for storing and retrieving information on rudimentary storage systems. In the 1970s, the relationship database model was developed, and much of the language used in modern database programming was developed during this time period. SQL databases have dominated the field ever since.

Computers can perform calculations far faster than humans, and they use programmed logic to make decisions. However, computers are also capable of storing a tremendous amount of information, and the amount of data computers can store continues to increase. Databases are at the forefront of making this information available to programs and to computers. Most medium and large companies rely on databases for storing customer information. They also use them to store accounting information. Researchers use databases, as well. Some of the largest databases in the world store weather information. There are simply too many weather data points for humans to analyze, and finding signs of small but significant climate shifts would be impossible without databases. WAMP server : is a mini web server that runs on almost any Windows operating system. WAMP has Apache, PHP, and MySQL (PHP My Admin and SQLitemanager are installed to manage the user’s databases) preinstalled. The core functionalities of WAMP are:
Effectively manage and administer your Apache server and services.

Take control over your MySQL database and related services.

Work in either Online or Offline mode.

Control all the server settings.

Keep a watch on the log files.

Create aliases and control permissions. Because each customer will have a special account, will require him to write the first name and last name and also the phone number and e-mail, in addition to this address and password to complete the registration process on our page and because the number of customers is unexpected The presence of the database is very important.
3.4 Summary of pages on our website:
Page 1: Home Page.
Include page of a website, typically serving as a table of contents for the site.

Page 2: Registration (sign in): to create an Account.
Registration page each user has his or her own account that gives them access to the site and to enjoy the functions in it.
Page 3: About services.
List of services displayed in the salon where the customer can book an appointment to enjoy salon services
Page 4: main feature: booking an appointment.

Select from the list of services, choosing time and date for appointment.
Page 5: some of products of our salon, can buy it online.

Page 6: contact us.

Our phone numbers, email, box for comments.
On the other hand, after taking the customer’s data, other data is required, whether during the customer’s purchase of the product or when the customer has booked an appointment. At the time of purchase, it will require data such as the type of product, the number of products to be purchased, the price, the delivery method and the address. In terms of booking, the data is the type of service, the day the customer will choose and the time. We used for our website HTML and java script also PHP.
3.5 Inductive approach
a researcher begins by collecting data that is relevant to his or her topic of interest. Once a substantial amount of data have been collected, the researcher will
take a break from data collection, stepping back to get a bird’s eye view of her this stage, the researcher looks for patterns in the data, working to develop a theory that could explain those patterns. in this case when researchers take an inductive approach, they start with a set of observations and then they move from those particular experiences to a more general set of propositions about those experiences.
-2120900Figure1: Inductive Research
Internet: A global network of connected computer networks.

 Communication between institutions and business offices was possible. And returns to each organization or institution a renewal order in return for it can be institutions. There is no exclusive owner of the Internet, and the Internet-friendly program can be described as hotter than voluntary organizations such as the Internet community or the Internet support engineering team.
Started work in communications, thanks to Paul Baran in his discovery in 1962, and in 1969 repeatedly network as: ARRANET (Advanced Network Research Agency project) issue bear the Department of Defense. And then. Then the Internet was used in the world, including in 1997 it turned out that more than 110 countries in the world use the Internet.

In 1998, the number of Internet users was estimated at 147 million worldwide, which in 2000 nearly 300 million users at the international level.

The widespread use of the Internet will result in the growth and prosperity of e-commerce, and is expected to reach 2 or 3% in 2001, accounting for 14% of all consumer spending in 2007. And the growing importance of the Internet in the search for costs and cost effectiveness. Finally, it should be noted that all e-commerce tools continue to evolve, grow and pros
3.6 Deductive approach
right1309642Deductive approach take the steps for inductive research and reverse their order. They start with a social theory that they find compelling and then test its implications with data. That is, they move from a more general level to a more specific one.
Figure2 Deductive Research
By having an online booking system you save time. That is obvious. In addition, you save yourself the trouble of managing your bookings manually.

3.7 Sources of DataPrimary and secondary data research is relied on both . in order to come up with accurate and objective findings.

Primary DataPrimary data refers to data collected for the first time in the field. It as data that has been collected for the purpose for which it is originally used. Primary data for this particular research was collected using survey and questionnaires. Primary data collection was given the highest priority in this research as there was limited published material on the subject under study. For a subjective study like this one primary data is of prime importance because primary data draws information directly from the field. Facts and figures should be drawn directly from people because culture exists within a society of people.

I have surveyed a group of people and their opinion on the subject of electronic booking for salon services and purchase of products also I took the opinions of my colleagues and my family as primary customers .To create the website I adopted a little information that I studied during my university studies.

Secondary DataIs the data that is collected for purposes other than the original use. It is an analysis of data that have been collected for other purpose. These may be contemporary or historical and the data may be qualitative or quantitative and usually needs adjustments and validation before being put to use. This data can include survey data and documentary data. Due to my lack of information, I used a lot of websites to complete the project and finish the website Such as:
Server : Java , Html :
code editors :
3.8 Software Used
WAMP server – for the local server .
Sublime text – 3code editors .
MS Access 2007(.mdb) – database .
PHP 5+version.
HTML, CSS, Jquery.

Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server-side web development where PHP generally runs on a web server. Any PHP code in a requested file is executed by the PHP runtime, usually to create dynamic web page content. It can also be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications. PHP can be deployed on most web servers, many operating systems and platforms, and can be used with many relational database management systems (RDBMS). It is available free of charge, and the PHP Group provides the complete source code for users to build, customize and extend for their own use.

Advantages of PHP
Its fast: This is because it is embedded in HTML code, the time to process and load a Web page is short.
It’s free: PHP is proof that free lunches do exist and that you can get more than you paid for.
It’s easy to use: The syntax is simple and easy to understand and use, even for nonprogrammers. PHP code is designed to be included easily in an HTML file.
It’s versatile: PHP runs on a wide variety of operating systems, like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and most varieties of UNIX.
It’s secure: As long as your scripts are designed correctly, the user does not see the PHP code.
It’s customizable: The open source license allows programmers to modify the PHP software, adding or modifying features as needed to fit their own environments.
MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely-used LAMP web application software stack — LAMP is an acronym for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP”. Its popularity is closely tied to the popularity of PHP. MySQL is used in some of the most frequently visited web sites on the Internet, including Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia and Google— though not for searches.
Java Script Programming Language
JavaScript is a programming language that can be included on web pages to make them more interactive. You can use it to check or modify the contents of forms, change images, open new windows and write dynamic page content. You can even use it with CSS to make DHTML (Dynamic HyperText Markup Language). This allows you to make parts of your web pages appear or disappear or move around on the page. Java Scripts only execute on the page(s) that are on your browser window at any set time. When the user stops viewing that page, any scripts that were running on it are immediately stopped. The only exception is a cookie, which can be used by many pages to pass information between them, even after the pages have been closed. WAMP is available for both, 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. There are add-ons available which can easily be plugged into WAMP. These add-ons are for Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

The core functionalities of WAMP are:
Effectively manage and administer your Apache server and services.

Take control over your MySQL database and related services.

Work in either Online or Offline mode.

Control all the server settings.

Keep a watch on the log files.

Create aliases and control permissions.

Upon installation, an icon on the taskbar tray displays WAMP’s status – which lets the user know if:
WAMP is running but no services are opened (the icon will appear red)
WAMP is running and one service is opened (the icon will appear yellow)
WAMP is running with all services opened (the icon will appear green)
Apache and MySQL are considered to be services. They can be disabled by left-clicking the taskbar icon, placing the cursor over the service to be disabled, and selecting “Stop Service”. and install the
wampserver 32 in our computer .
020000Download and install the
wampserver 32 in our computer .

Sublime Text is a text editor written in C++ and Python available on windows, Mac and Linux. A text editor is a program developers write their code in.

History behind it goes back to 2007 when its creator Jon Skinner quit his job at Google in order to pursue one of his dreams:
Create a better text editor that follows three principles
Simple, minimum interface : we need to focus more on the text and not a myriad of toolbars
The code should never be hidden by a window
Take advantage of all the space available : full screen, multi-screens
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is an open standard application programming interface (API) that allows application programmers to access any database. The main proponent and supplier of ODBC programming support is Microsoft, but ODBC is based on and closely aligned with The Open Group standard Structured Query Language (SQL) Call-Level Interface (CLI). The Open Group is sponsored by many major vendors, including Oracle, IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and this consortium develops and manufactures The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

In addition to CLI specifications from The Open Group, ODBC also aligns with the ISO/IEC for database APIs. DATA Flow:
333375152781000Entity Relationship Diagrams show entities in database and shows the relationships between the tables within that database. The patterns help to focus on how the database actually works with all of the interactions and data flows, although another useful tool is a Data Flow Diagram (DFD), which more directly describes this. A data flow diagram (DFD) maps out the flow of information for any process or system. It uses defined symbols like rectangles, circles and arrows, plus short text labels, to show data inputs, outputs, storage points and the routes between each destination.

Fig3. – Data Flow Diagram
There are two important entities. First entity is admin and the other is the user (is a customer) .Each has its own processes.
ADMIN : the most important processes are manage services and products they can Add new services and products ,update time table of appointment and delivery , manages registered customers by generates reports , manages manifest by generate item report , and cancels .
USEERS (CUSTOMERS) : most important processes are signs up by fills in all necessary bio-data and make reservations to gets order or appointment ID .
3.10 Data modelling:
441782860694Customer’s account
00Customer’s account
307796371312Log in / password
00Log in / password
right1359195Reservation process
00Reservation process
4502888604284Fill-up form
00Fill-up form
-47847370367Admin and password
Admin and password
Fig4. – Data modelling
3.11 USE CASE:
Register Customer – this use case described to customer register for the system. In other word, it mostly intended for member customer. This use case exist top of the diagram because the other transaction need to work after the registration process.

Reserve service or product Type – this use case identify the booking of the service type. It includes type of booking that are online. The online booking only performs for registration member.
Check In – this use case explain for customer check in.

Select Service – this use case mean when the customers check in , they can select the services form a salon. After finishing of the select service, the staff will perform their request service.

Check Out -this use case describes the customer request check out the booking or order from the website. In this process, the system will perform calculation total cost . Finally, the
3.12 Target Population of the Project3492544396000The target of our project is women and girls, aged 18 and older because their interest in beauty is more than others. Their options are:
Fig5. – Use Case Diagram fore Customers and Admin
3.13 ER- Diagram131762560200715029103791221

1882775231775Figure6-ER1 diagram
00Figure6-ER1 diagram

Figure7- ER2 Diagram
As showen in ER-diagram there are many relationships between taples. There are five tables you will see their details later , admin table , reservation table , customer table , service table , and products table. First relationship between admin and reservation so that mean one admin select many reservation that mean one-to-many relationship . one-to-one relationship that showen between reservation table and customer table that mean one reservation taken by one customer .between customer andservices there is one to many relationship that mean one customer can select more than one services in reservation , and also one reservation has manr services , and the last relationship is between customer and products it is many-to-many relationship so, many customers can select many peoducts . In ER2 there are customer_product table that iclude both primary key one of customer and the other for product .
3.14 TablesThe first table is:
-24383144542Table 1: ADMIN TABLE
Admin can update time table of appointment and delivery , manages registered customers by generates reports , manages manifest by generate item report , and cancels, so there is relation with reservation table .
Table2. Reservation Table
FIELD NAME TYPE DESCRIPTION RES_ID Number RESERVED ID FIRST NAME Short text Customer FIRST NAME LAST NAME Short text customer LA ST NAME PHONE Number Customer PHONE NO CATEGORY Short text Service CATEGORY USERNAME Text Customer USERNAME PRICE DECIMAL Price of services DATE TIME VARCHAR DATE AND TIME OF appointment Reservation table linked with service table because one appointment customer can select more than one services.
Table-3. Service Table FIELD NAME TYPE DESCRIPTION Service ID Number Service IDENTITY TOTAL_AMOUNT DATETIME Service TOTAL AMOUNT CREATED DATE Appointment DATE Table4-. User (customer) Table
NUMBER FIRST NAME Text customer’s FIRST NAME LAST NAME Text customer’s LAST NAME Password Number Customer password PHONE Number Customer PHONE NUMBER Email Text Customer email ADDRESS VARCHAR Customer ADDRESS There is relationship between customer table and products table , one customer can select more the one products and buy it online through the website.
Table 5: products Table
FIELD NAME TYPE DESCRIPTION product ID INT Product IDENTITY Product NAME Text Product NAME Delivered TIME Time /date Delivery TIME PRICE DECIMAL Product price Chapter 4
Finding and Analysis
4.1 Introduction
This chapter describes the analysis of data followed by a discussion of the research findings. The findings relate to the research questions that guided the study. Data were analysed to identify, describe and explore the relationship between death anxiety and death attitudes of nurses in a private acute care hospital and to determine the need for ongoing terminal care education in this setting
E-reservation system for beauty salonThe system will have two general roles, the users and the administrators, and the basic functionalities that each of these roles have are shown below.

Feature Description
View services and products Availability Users can check the availability of service for some chosen date. Admins can check the availability of a services and products.
Request for service or products Reservation Users can make requests for reservations where they provide necessary information
including the date and time that they want to go to salon
Manage Users Admins can create and delete the users.
Manage services and products Admins can create, edit, and delete the products and services that are available for reservation.

Table6 – basic functionalities
These are the main functionalities that must be implemented. However, there are some functionalities that may be implemented but are not written.

4.2 Page 1: Home Page
There are two panels, one for customers and the other for admin. In customers panel or users panels. This page is designed to facilitate the display of products and services and the freedom for the user to move between the other pages related to this page.

As shown below:
Fig8. – Home Page
About the panel that is special for administration to maintain and control the website , can Add new services and products ,update time table of appointment and delivery , manages registered customers by generates reports , manages manifest by generate item report , and cancels .
Fig9. – Admin Panel
4.3 Page 2: Sign In
The user must create their own account. How to Make an Account?
1. Contact the System and request for an account.

2. When approved, wait for notification.

Once the user click on My Account When you press the Create Account button you will go to the registration page to create your account and this page will require several user-specific information.
As shown here:
Fig10. – Create Account Page
Then ask the user, enter some of his own information such as:
And shown here :
Fig11. – Create Account Page 2
Upon completion of the data entry, the user clicks the account creation button to have completed the process and is effective on the site.

83924124336700In the right side will see the list , user can modified his account .

Fig12. – Dashboard
Account dashboard include orders numbers.
My booking:

Fig13. – My Booking Page
That is include the list of appointments, which services that customer selected and there are two options either delete the appointment or edit it, because in many cases there are sudden circumstances that prevent the customer from attending the date that has been booked, so he can cancel the appointment or sometimes have to delay or provide the date for the emergence of other important works.
right80518000For updating a user’s profile, the user can change the name or address and telephone number because between periods there are some changes.
Fig14. – Update Profile
And the last things, ability to change the password to be more secure and log out when the finish using the website.

4.4 How to Make an Appointment Requests 1. Log-in using your account.

2. Click “service” in the up Tool bar.

Fig15. –Services Page
From the services offered in the list you can book by clicking the Book Now button, after that
3. Fill-up necessary information.
4. Click Submit.
5. Wait for your application to be approved.

Select the time:
Fig16. – Time Selection Page
And also select the date:

Fig17. – Date Selection Page
After you have determined the time and day of the appointment, your booking ID will be displayed:
Now we will explain how to buy salon products through his website
4.5 E-CommerceBenefits of E-Commerce
Hopefully by now you’re aware of the main benefits of E-Commerce, which are:
immediacy – no going to the shops or waiting in queues
price – goods bought online tend to be cheaper
24-hour availability – the shop never closes
speed – you’ll locate what you want much quicker
Less paperwork – always a good thing!
So, the buying steps are:
Access the site using the registered account
Press in products that written up.
Fig17. – Products Page
3- Choose the product you would like to buy and you will find some details about it. You can specify the number you want to order from the product and then add to the shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.

Once the selection process has been completed and added to the cart, the last step will remain
is Checkout . Click on the my cart icon at the top and click on checkout botton as shown here:

Fig18. – Checkout Page
Finally the dashboard will appear :
Fig19. – Dashboard page
Admin PanelWhat is a Website Administrator?Although sometimes called upon to create websites, the main responsibility of administrators is to maintain, back up and update existing websites for organizations. As a website administrator you would be responsible for making sure the site’s user interface is easy to understand and efficient. You would ensure that all websites are operating securely and at optimum speeds. Approval of the content and links within the website might be part of your job description, and you will likely be responsible for evaluating each website’s analytics, such as user feedback and traffic.

What does a website administrator do?
responsible for all aspects of keeping website content and design fresh, backed up, and fully functional. They typically work closely with clients to make sure they understand how they want their websites to look and function. Depending on their specific role, they may also be responsible for making sure local networks are functioning properly as well.

Fig14. – Admin Panel
Chapter 5
Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1 IntroductionThis chapter implements the summary of the proposed system wherein the proponents have conclusions and recommendation according to their findings.

5.2 Summary
Salon Reservation System has all the versatile features required to run the salon. Services Management offers an operational integration between reservations, Sales Ledger, and Reporting modules. Software has facility to generate report for analyses your booking, check in and checkout status. E-reservation system for beauty salon is the suit for managing you works in very simple but effective manner with minimal efforts or time so that it increases your revenue. This study aims to change the current system that would be accurate for both customer and salon management.
5.3 CONCLUSIONBased on the result of the researcher’s study, the following conclusions are given:
1. The manual process of transaction is in accurate for the customer because of possible lost of records.

2. More consuming of time in filling forms and reports.

5.4 RECOMMENDATIONAfter studying and analysing the flow of the current system of salon, the proponents would like to recommend the following:
The system prove to be fast accurate convenient, efficient and reliable for the process of reservation.
The proponents developed an automated system suitable for the salon; the system could save time.

The research that has been undertaken for this thesis has highlighted a number of topics on which further research would be beneficial. Several areas where information is lacking were highlighted in the literature review. Whilst some of these were addressed by the research in this thesis, others remain. Future studies might, for example look for new functions and technique new feature for create websites. There are a number of additional areas for further research that have been highlighted by the studies undertaken for this thesis.
These include the further investigation. How realistic are those website?
Do the mechanisms which generate power and activity in website is uses?
There are also several areas for further development, and applications for, the work undertaken in this thesis. The techniques developed for creating the website and use the new features. This would give a better impression of overall website performance, and allow comparison between the results of this inter-model comparison when the different techniques are used.

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