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COIT 20248: Information Systems Analysis and Design
Term 2, 2018
Assessment 1 – Systems Analysis

Lecturer: Sanjay Jha
Tutor: xxxx

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Prepared by:
Student Name: Madhuri Barot
Student Number: 12089164

Table of Content

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This file only contains brief structure of the report. Please refer to the marking criterial and specification of Assignment 1 for details about what content to include in each section.

1. Introduction

This Case study is regarding International Charity Foundation (ICF) which provides medical and education assistance to young people in different countries. They work manually and all their data is stored manually in various branches so it is creating problem for managing the stocks and fund details.
The principle objectives are: Solving the problems in stock management as well as managing the fund details and receipts for various ICF client all over the world.

Aim: The aims of the report is to build a system for ICF through which children can enrol online to the system, sponsors can donate online by creating their account on the system as well as at the end of year they can download receipts from it and system can track the stock and ordering for supplies can be done automatically from the system.

2. Approach to Systems Development
ICF has following problems in their current manual system like lots of staff is required to approve students forms and provide appropriate assistance. Staff should be available 24*7 to answer client’s emails ,calls and to maintain the receipts of donations. Scarcity of stock and wastage happens frequently in different branches. Duplication of information regarding the receipts of donation happens because it is not feasible to maintain that manually.

ICF can solve these problems by developing their own information system in which they can create online forms for their students so they can easily fill up their personal details, health issues and type of assistance needed by them.

ICF can have online payment feature in their system so their clients can donate without any hassle of visiting the bank physically. There will be two options for clients like they can donate one time or donate repeatedly. They will receive thank you email after each donation. At the end of the year, donation receipts can be downloaded from the system.

International charity Foundation can track, reorder and maintain their stock and supplies with the help of this system easily.

Agile methodology is the best approach for this information system because:
1. In Agile methods cooperation with the customer takes place during the entire project on a regular basis. So, ICF chairman or any other authority can check out the progress of development for the system easily.
2. Changes are taken into account regardless of the stage of the project. As ICF cannot afford heavy charges for updating the system, which usually happens in other approaches, they can use this approach for their system which can be updated at any given time without any extra cost.
3. Project is divided into parts. Each section is treated as a final distinct product that can be used by ICF and it can deliver return on investment already. Kisielnicki, J, Misiak, A. (2016).;v=2.1;u=cqu;it=r;p=AONE;sw=w

3. Systems Requirements
The functional requirements are the core functionality of system.

There are mainly three types of users in the ICF information system:
Students, Clients and Staff/Admin.

Student’s functional requirements:
Students can register, login in the system from their device, they can fill their enrolment form, which will save data like personal details, health issues and the type of assistance they need from ICF.

Client’s functional requirements:
ICF Clients can register, can operate their account and donate money online. They can do one time donation and they have repeated donation options.ICF can provide the history and the receipts of donation to each and every client on their account. Clients can download yearly statement from the system.ICF clients can also sponsor different programs through the system.

Staff functional requirements:
Staff can login and check out the stock availability. Staff can order supplies for different branch expanded all-over the world, which will save money and time for ICF as well as the students. Staff can validate children’s enrolment form and process them to appropriate program. Tracking of expenses and income can be done from the system which can save lots of money for ICF, as in manual system lots of supplies and funds were wasted due to duplication of data.

The following is the list of non-functional requirements for this system with justification why they are needed in the system:

Responsiveness-So the ICF clients, students and staff can use the system in variety of device easily.
Availability —So the system works promptly in normal operated time despite of the time zone difference between the branches.
Efficiency — As ICF deals with health issues, it is very important that assistance is provided immediately to the needed.
Integrity —ICF has confidential data regarding the orders, funds and donations for different programs.
Reliability —It is very important for ICF because, clients will be donating money online on the system so there should not be any failure in the system.

4. Project Cost and Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit analysis is a way to guide the decision making of estimation of any project. It is a process where all the applicable consequences related to the system will be converted in a monetary measure. It can be structured for ICF system in following ways:
The number of stakeholders of ICF, all cost and benefits which will occur have to be calculated. If the profits and costs come up at different stages than they have be converted into present value applying proper discount rate. Comparison between the Net present value of benefit and cost have to be done. At the end analysis can be done to know how uncertain the calculation of benefits and costs is and we can decide what can be done to increase the benefits compared to the costs of the system.

APA (American Psychological Assoc.)
Free, R. C. (2010). 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook. London: SAGE Publications, Inc.

MLA (Modern Language Assoc.)
Free, Rhona C. 21St Century Economics: A Reference Handbook. SAGE Publications, Inc, 2010. EBSCOhost.
Add your Project Cost Benefit Analysis table here.

5. Project Schedule

Add your contents here.
Add your Gantt Chart here.

Gantt chart is the most powerful way of showing the tasks in any project development in correspondence with the time.
Work breakdown structure shows the work in hierarchical way associated with the project time.

The relation of Gantt chart and WBS is that they are used to define the development stages of project at particular time using different entities.
FIGURE 1: Figure Caption

6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques

The stakeholders which are involved in the system are the students who want the assistance and scholarships, the clients who donate to the organization, the staff and volunteers who work for ICF, solicitor who deals with the legal matters related to ICF, Treasurer who is responsible for maintaining the treasury of ICF, Public relation officer manages the information which is extended to the public related to ICF, Chairman who manages the organization on whole, Vice-chairman who manages and works on specific tasks related to the organization which are very important under the guidance of chairman.

The following three investigating techniques are the most useful for this system:
Interviews: By interviewing different people we can find out the different problems caused by the manual system to people.
Studying the current documentation:
It is very important to gain knowledge regarding the current system before changing the old system into new. By studying the current system we can get more knowledge about the problems without involving anyone.
Surveys: By taking surveys people can provide more efficient answers and information without worrying. They will share more reliable data.

The usefulness of these techniques can be justified in following ways:

Interviews: ICF staff, Students and regular clients can interviewed and proper information regarding the problem can be gathered.
Studying the current documentation: Studying the manual system in the branches of ICF can determine the day-to-day troubles the staff is observing and the features which should be added in the new system.
Surveys: By doing the surveys, the list of desired services which is needed in the system can be known.

7. Reflections and Conclusions

There are several problems in the ICF manual system like duplication of data, insufficient supplies. Clients are not able to donate online, They don’t get the receipts of their donations easily. Students don’t get proper assistance quickly. A lot of money is wasted on large number of staff and the goods which is not used efficiently.

The system can help the students provide their personal and health details quickly, Clients can donate money online and they can sponsor different programs online. Staff can manage the stock and order the stock required for any branch instantly. They can maintain the income and expenses of the system without losing money any more.

All references listed here should cited somewhere in the text.

Effectiveness of Agile implementation methods in business intelligence projects from an end-user perspective. online Gale.
Available at:
Accessed 18 Aug. 2018.

Reference format should be in Harvard Style. A guide for Referencing format is here:

Investingation methods:
Chapter 5,page number 154 Essentials of Systemanalysis and design,joseph s.Valacich,Joey F.George,Jeffrey A.Hoffer sixth edition.,Person publication,2015,United states of America.

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