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Cocoa plantations were firstly known and established by the Maya in the lowlands of south Yucatan. Cocoa trees were grown by the Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of Peru long before (at least 1000 years) the arrival of the Europeans. The beans were prized and used as currency and also for the production of a spiced drink known as “Chocolatl” (Beckett, 2008). The chocolate was made from the roasted (roasting the beans in earthenware pods) and then grinding and crushing them between stones. The mixture was added to cold water to make a drink. Vanilla, spice flavours or honey were often added and the drink whipped to make if frothy (Whymper, 1912; Afoakwa, 2010). According to legend, the Aztec Emperor, Montezeuma, regularly consumed (50 jars) of this beverage per day, which was considered to have aphrodisiac properties (Beckett, 2009; Beckett, 2008).

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