Cheating is wrong Cheating is wrong

Cheating is wrong
Cheating is wrong. It is deceitful and dishonest, and cause harm to one’s self. Cheating comes in all sort of form, whether it is being unfaithful to a person, exploiting a loophole, or plagiarizing. Plagiarism is among the most popular means to cheat and it is extremely unethical. The cheating that is going to be referred in this essay is going to be plagiarism. Cheating is wrong because it is unfair to honest students, it is disrespectful, and does not help students learn

Cheating is unfair to honest students. Through the act of copying the work of others and presenting it as their own, cheaters undeservedly earn grades that honest students work so hard to achieve. Cheaters can receive recognition for work that they did not create, which is unfair to other students. More importantly, cheaters can lower the grades of others when classes are graded on a curve. To reiterate, cheating is wrong because a cheater can receive unfair praise and lower the grade of honest students.

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