Celebrity Endorsement- It is related to the market things whose major motive to participate multiple celebrities to promote particular product

Celebrity Endorsement- It is related to the market things whose major motive to participate multiple celebrities to promote particular product . The main motive in this case to increase the more and more product sales so that the company can take major profit with the help of personalities. This shows that they can carry risks because there is no surety that people will purchase that product , but it creates buzz give popularity to company and brand . So as a result there are certain things occur during advertisement that the real person can work better than the celebrity’s endorsement, but not always. (Khatri 2006)
There are multiple profits of using endorse have been systematically endorsed. For instance to require the economic growth of celebrity endorses. They always try to assess the impact of celebrity endorsement contact with companies and do research which is used to identify valuation effects of marketing decision.(Erdogen,1999). According to the research report a significant percentage of positive abnormal returns to the sponsoring companies. They record a gain of 44% excess returns in their market values due to the create good relationship with celebrities. Moreover, the other example is that report of anticipation of Micheal Jordan’s return to the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1995 , with his increased visibility enhance his client firms market adjusted values by almost 2% on average. So both to records show that it does contribution from the bottom to until top. (Mather et al. 1997)
The use of celebrity endorsement is very helpful by creating a consumer attention (Eddogan 1999). Celebrity also found to product better recall and very helpful to reconnization of brand name( Sherman 1985).
On the other hand, it is no guarantee the long term effects of celebrity endorsement .For instance when a company hire a celebrity it signs on the possibility that may be it will put some adverse effects on the product and cpmpany. Italways shows the risk in the mind of company because their potential for involvement in undesirable circumstances whose repercussion can transfer to the brand and company they are branding. For instance the recent scandal involving Tiger woods has caused his sponsors losses in billions of dollors.( Till and shimp 1998). Moreover, the fear of celebrity scandals has encouraged many companies to the use less celebrities or individual who has less famous in the market to promote their product . Another problem is that when the celebrity risks over shadowing the product endorse and celebrity chosen is too popular then the consumer would focus their attention more on one celebrity to express of product.(Baker and Togg 2001). For instance Angelina Jolie was dropped as the face and endorser of St.John an American clothing brand due to the over shadowing of their brand.
So celebrity could draw attention to the advertisement as well as his impact on other variable like brand awareness, recall of copy points and message arguments.
At the end it is clear that celebrity endorsed advertisements are very attractive than the non- celebrity endorsements. Some results also show that the best way to know about the advertisements is television as well internet. It is also shows that the high level of relationships existed between the perception and the consumer behaviour. The low level of relationship is between celebrity attractiveness and the perception. So we can say that it looks like the good relationship between all attributes of the celebrity.
Most results shows that celebrity endorsement put reasonab


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