By Suhaib Hassan SU-13-01-071-112 Junaid Khan SU-14-01-071-028 Muhammad Ali SU-14-01-071-038 Supervised by Engr

By Suhaib Hassan SU-13-01-071-112 Junaid Khan SU-14-01-071-028 Muhammad Ali SU-14-01-071-038 Supervised by Engr.Muhammad Fahim Session (2014-2018) A thesis submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering, Sarhad University of Science IT, Peshawar In partial fulfillment of requirement for the degree of BE(EE). Certificate of Approval We accept the work contained in this report titled, To model and design a Smart Floor Cleaning Robot as a confirmation to the required standard for the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. __________________ __________________ Chairman, EED Supervisor __________________ __________________ Internal Examiner External Examiner Declaration of Authorship We declare that this thesis titled, To model and design a Smart Floor Cleaning Robot and the work presented in it is our own. We confirm that This work was done wholly or mainly while in candidature for Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree at this University. Where any part of this thesis has previously been submitted for a degree or any other qualification at this University or any other institution, this has been clearly stated. Where we have consulted the published work of others, this is always clearly attributed. Where we have quoted from the work of others, the source is always given. With the exception of such quotations, this thesis is entirely our own work. We have acknowledged all main sources of help. Project Members Suhaib Hassan Muhammad Ali Junaid Khan Acknowledgements Regardless of anything else, we have to thank our supervisor Mr. Engr.Muhammad Fahim without their assistance and gave incorporation in every movement all through the methodology this paper would have never been capable. We may need to much a debt of gratitude is in order for your assistance and understanding over these past four years. Navigating our proposal required more than academic help, and we have various, numerous people to thank for tuning in to and, every so often, enduring us over the span of late years. To our parents and sister, it would be understating the obvious to express that, as a family, we have experienced some great and terrible circumstances in the past three years. Each time we were set up to stop, you didnt let us and we everlastingly appreciative. This paper stays as a show of your unhindered love and support. Abstract With the progress of technology robots has taken major attention of engineers to make the life of mankind more easier and comfortable. Automatic floor cleaner is a system which is essential in cleaning rooms and offices reducing the human efforts. This cleaning robots work both in automatic mode as well as in manual mode by the help of remote control. The cleaning purpose is carried out by continuous relative motion between a scrubber and the floor surface. At big offices as many people are involved for cleaning purposes and they cannot clean it efficiently so for this solution we are designing and implementing a floor cleaning robot prototype by using Arduino Uno, Motor shield, ultrasonic sensor etc. This floor cleaning robot is small and hence can be taken to any places for cleaning purposes. The automatic floor cleaner will save huge cost of labor in future and it is much time saving and efficient in cleaning aspects. This work can be very beneficial in improving life style of mankind. Table of Contents Certificate of Approvali Declaration of Authorship…ii Acknowledgementsiii Abstract..iv Table of Contentsv List of List of Tables…vii 1. Introduction..1 1.1 Background2 1.2 Problem Description 3 1.3 Project Objectives… 4 1.4 Project Scope. 4 2. Literature Review……… 7 2.1 Literature Review8 3. Proposed Methodology..11 Existing System..12 Proposed System.12 Requirement Specifications….14 Use Case.. 25 4. Results and Conclusions28 5. Future Work..30 References…31 Appendices .34 List of Figures Fig 3.1 Block diagram.13 Fig3.2 Flow Chart13 Fig 3.3 Solar panel…14 Fig 3.4 Photovoltaic effect..16 Fig 3.5 Arduino UNO..18 Fig 3.6 Circuit diagram.. ..24 Fig3.7 Blade Design.24 Fig3.8a Top view…26 Fig3.8b Side view…..26 Fig3.9 Diminsions of robotic body.26 Fig 3.11 Ultrasonic sensor…27 Fig 3.12 Diagram of the basic ultrasonic sensor operation27 Fig 3.13 H-Bridge28 List of Tables Table 3.1 Arduino specifications 19 Chapter 1 Introduction Introduction Cleaning the house on regular basis is a very demanding and challenging task especially when there are kids in the house. Smart Floor cleaning robot is an Arduino based device that will clean the floor and sweeps the dust away from the room, office or any other floor/surface of a building by means of a brush attached at the front to it and can clean the floor. This Smart floor cleaning robot is based on obstacle avoidance using ultrasonic sensors. The sensors will be fitted at a height so that it cannot avoids rubbish such as stone, mud etc. This robot can detect the obstacles objects (such as wall, sofa etc) in front of it and can continue moving, avoiding the obstacles, until the whole room is clean. This floor cleaner will run on a Battery due to which it is a wire-less robot floor cleaner, therefore can be taken to any place for cleaning purposes. This work can be very useful in improving life style of mankind. 1.2 Project Background/Overview A scrubber is a kind of brush with a long shaft handle used for cleaning hard floors in past years which to sweep dirt away which has a cushioned type hairy brushed using for cleaning the floor manually. It was and still using wet, with water or other cleaning detergents. At the head of brush there is a removable floor cloth or mopping cloth maybe soaked in water for cleaning purpose or maybe for dry for wiping dry in which debris or other dust can be wiped away through it. During these days cleaning implements likely to be used for these purposes. There is many scrubber using for different cleaning purposes such a Hurricane Spin Scrubber which rotates the spinner at about 300 rpm and mainly use for tough cleaning jobs such as cleaning the washrooms sink or bath tub where cleaning manually is not efficient. It has a long shaft with a handle at its head there is a spinner through which cleaning can make it easy. The other important scrubber which is using for tiles and grout cleaning is turboForce Tiles cleaner. It is usable for tiles cleaning and grout cleaners where there is lines in between tiles and cannot be clean easily so for making it easy we can use turboForce tiles cleaner. Focus of project work The project work is revolving and setting up a floor cleaning robot which can be working automatically and manually to clean the floor. Manually it will be controlling through a remote contol. We are working to make it wire-less so that it can itself go anywhere for cleaning purposes where at the top Ultrasonic sensor is mounted which can identify the obstacle and which reflect and then it will automatically change its direction. That will work on DC Battery with DC Motors, Arduino uno, motor shield and wheels etc. Problem Description Nowadays robots have taken major attention due to effectiveness in assisting humans in many applications at offices, homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges etc. Countries like Pakistan are way back in manufacturing such Smart Floor cleaning robots. Importing them from abroad increases their costs. As there is a shortage of electricity in countries like Pakistan, so to overcome this problem we will use Battery, Floor cleaners in the market are expensive and unproductive in terms of cleaning. Cleaning the offices, rooms etc required manual labor and for that there should be some salary to be pay. Smart floor cleaning robot is one of many solutions to many of the problems related to Floor cleaning. 1.2.1 Power consumption The available cleaning robot is petrochemical powered or electrical powered which will consume amount of conventional energy Source. 1.2.2 Human effortThe mowing work always needs to get control with a worker for the proper mowing. For the purpose to less human efforts we made it Automatic. 1.2.3 Time consumptionFor mowing the land in different patterns and design it takes larger time and human effort. So we made it Automatic in order to save time. 1.2.3 Safety This smart cleaning robot is also work safely. It can be used by everyone. Project Objectives Smart Floor cleaning robot has the following objectives to be achieved. To model and design a wireless smart floor cleaning robot. To model the prototype this can access the un-accessible places such as under furniture. Project Scope At Present work is proposed at working of an auto-motion controlled machine that canclean the floor of house-holds. Once the machine is in ON mode it will move all over the surface without leaving any part of floor space. Again the machine should avoid the object on its path. Proper cleaning is achieved by spinning of the scrubber which is relatively rotational in manner. The floor should be dry after the process is complete because wet floor leads to different sort of problems as discussed. For this purpose vacuum pumps have to be used. The cleaning also meet challenges like which type of debris it will be So dry cleaning arrangements are installed. This leads to proper cleaning when heavier particles are there as debris particle. Thus leading to proper cleaning of the surface. There may be oily surfaces in some cases. To counter act this situation necessary cleaners are to be used. 4 wheel drive mechanism should be used for proper control of the machine. To control all the motors and vacuum pumps basically micro controller of Aurdino UNO type can be used. Ultrasonic sensing techniques for avoiding obstacles are used. Basically we are to design a portable machine that could move automatically all over the floor surface avoiding obstacles and cleaning the floor. Chapter 2 Literature Review Commonly floor can be cleaned by hand using different handmade instruments. Initially itwas being washed by different brushes. According to Egyptian houses which were built of sundried mud bricks at times white-washed and the floors were stamped earth. The floor of the outdoor kitchen too was simply the ground baked stone hard by the sun. Unless it was raining, which happened only rarely, these floors were easy to keep clean by sweeping. Like most ancient Egyptian tools, these brushes did not have long handles which would have rendered their use less annoying, and required bending low when employing them.For the ease of human beings different designs of brushes are evolved. Again during the age of monarchs carpets of different designs are utilized to cover the floor to keep it clean. As the time passed new scientific era begins a lot of modern methods are used to clean the floor. The first among those was the reciprocating action of brush actuated by muscular force. The brush design is changed with time to time depending upon the floor structure and ease of washing personnel. As the electricity came into role vacuum cleaner are invented to clean a dry surface. Moving forward different floor cleaning machines are being invented to clean the floor with less application of muscular power. Then came the concept of mobile robot..Mobile robots have the capability to move around in their environment and are not fixed to one physical location. By contrast, industrial robots are usually more-or-less stationary, consisting of a jointed arm (multi-linked manipulator) and gripper assembly (or end effectors), attached to a fixed surface.For the help of mankind the first floor cleaner was manufactured during 1980s. In those equipment the aim was to wash the floor with less power utilization. There sweeping mechanism of mop is actuated by a timing motor which was controlled by the dc circuit. Here water is sprinkled on the mop and hence the wet mop is used to clean the debris from the floor. But the problem here was it cant use any chemical solvent or disinfectant. Again for soaking purpose only hot air is used. Again for moving the machine a worker has to be engaged. To overcome these conflicts current study was done to enable the cleaner move automatically throughout any kind of room. The moping mechanism is also modified to lessen the cost. In current study the mop is continuously revolving about a axis perpendicular to the motion of the cleaner which also helps in directing water on the floor backward. Instead of using a wet mop a sprinkle mechanism is used to make the floor wet which is scrubbed by the mop. A vacuum cleaner was used to soakdirty water from the floor surface and side by side cleaning the surface. For automatic motion of the cleaner mobile robotics is used. Mobile robots are a major focus of current research and almost every major university has one or more labs that focus on mobile robot research. Mobile robots are also found in industrial, military and security settings. Domestic robots are consumer products, including entertainment robots and those that perform certain household tasks such as vacuuming or gardening. From then on more sophisticated robot is designed for household equipment for automating the tasks including washing machine, micro woven. After that only the revolution of mobile robotics came to household usages.The problems with current automatic floor cleaning machines are they are only used inhouseholds for only dry and wet cleaning but not as infection remover. So it is only used inhouseholds and not in hospitals or small areas in public. The automatic floor mops like hydrobot are bulky and they also require large power and are used for commercial purpose. But we think this (Our cleaner) will solve all in one go We will basically focus on a smart and smaller and good designed robot which can be used in many sectors like healthcare and educational areas (which are of course small areas) and also for household use. So it will be both for terminal cleaning like medicals and indoor floor future we will focus on indoor air cleaning service as an additional feature to this machine. Chapter 3 Proposed Methodology The framework for this project takes after the model examination process. In this task we are making a model of the cleaning robot. The speculations of these affiliations are cleared up in few sub-headings. Existing System The Existing systems are mostly manual, that requires human effort for its operation. Some of it uses electric energy while some requires human effort and fossil fuels. The machines which use electric energy mostly require long wire and human effort for guidance. It also depends on weather because in rainy condition there is a risk of short circuiting. The conventional (manual) cleaner needs man power. If the area is big enough, it may requires huge man power and would have extra labor cost. The man power would not only require labor, but may need huge effort. This brings in much trouble in some places, in some of the area due to severe weather condition. Conventional cleaner requires cord. It is inconvenient for the user due to cord to use electrical or conventional cleaner. There is a danger of short circuiting if it rains due to electric short circuiting. It would require adjustable cords to reach the areas of different cords. It is economically inefficient. Petrol machine requires huge operating cost. It requires constant using of petrol. The petrol consumption will cause air pollution. It is also quite difficult in certain severe air condition to operate, which would require much human effort too. Proposed System The below block diagram shows a complete view of the final project module. Fig3.1 Block diagram Fig 3.2 Flow Chart The source is driven from the battery and is utilized for powering operation of the system. The systems control is done by the Ardinuo UNO (microcontroller) Automation for object detection is achieved by using ultrasonic sensor and microcontroller. Wheel movement and cleaning operations are done using DC motors. To achieve compatibility of microcontroller and the motors a L298 driver circuit is used. The driver circuit enhances the microcontrollers small output. Wheel chains with 26 links on both sides are attached to a platform which supports the whole model Wheels move when two motors of 45rpm are driven. Cleaning brush of length 4cm and width 0.3 cm is used for cleaning operations. Cleaning action of the brush is provided by a motor of 18000rpm. Requirement Specifications The system is clarified in four sections. Framework parts are given with their details and measurements. Displaying will have a basic format sort chart in proposal. Components The component of smart floor cleaner is, a. Batteriesb. DC motorsc. Ardniuo UNO d. Circuitrye. Blades f. Robotic body g. Ultrasonic Sensor h. Motor Driver IC i .Diodes Batteries The batteries are utilized as a cutoff gadget for sun filled noteworthiness which can be also changed over into electrical vitality. The principal one of a kind cases are segregated daylight stack, for example, water system pumps or drinking water supplies for confine, for s strip shopping center units with yield short of what one kilowatt. Batteries appear, all in all, to be the central honestly and financially open breaking point recommends. Since both the photograph voltaic structure and batteries are high in capital costs, it is basic that the general framework be streamlined concerning accessible hugeness and close as per prevalent request design. Recalling a definitive target to impact sparing the breaking point of sun based vitality to will require a battery with following specific mix of properties. Arduino UNO Fig 3.5 Arduino UNO The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board in context of the ATmega328 (datasheet). It has 14 robotized data/yield pins (of which 6 can be utilized as PWM yields), 6 fundamental wellsprings of information, a 16 MHz tasteful resonator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset get. It contains everything foreseen that would help the microcontroller just interface it to a PC with a USB association or power it with an AC-to-DC connector or battery to begin. ARDUINO MICROCONTROLLER Microcontroller ATmega328 Architecture AVR Working Voltage 5 V Streak memory 32 KB of which 0.5 KB utilized by bootloader SRAM 2 KB Clock Speed 16 MHz Simple I/O Pins 6 EEPROM 1 KB DC Current per I/O Pins 40 mA on I/O Pins 50 mA on 3,3 V Pin GENERAL Information Voltage 7-12 V Advanced I/O Pins 20 (of which 6 give PWM yield) PWM Output 6 PCB Size 53.4 x 68.6 mm Weight 25 g Item Code A000066 (TH) A000073 (SMD)Table 3.1 Arduino specifications Power The Arduino Uno can be filled by methods for the USB affiliation or with an outside power supply. The power source is picked normally. External (non-USB) power can come either from an AC-to-DC connector (divider wart) or battery. The connector can be related by ceasing a 2.1mm concentration positive interface with the boards vitality jack. Leads from a battery can be inserted in the Gnd and Vin stick headers of the POWER connector. The board can take a shot at an external supply of 6 to 20 volts. In the occasion that furnished with under 7V, regardless, the 5V stick may supply under five volts and the board may be temperamental. In the occasion that using more than 12V, the voltage controller may overheat and hurt the board. The endorsed go is 7 to 12 volts. Circuitry Fig 3.6 Circuit diagram Brush Fig 3.7 Blade Design Robotic body Fig 3.9 Diminsions of robotic body Ultrasonic Sensor Fig 3.10 Ultrasonic sensor It can measure distance from 2 cm to 4 meter with a ranging occuracy upto 3mm. ultrasonic sensor measure distance by using ultrasonic waves. The sensors head emits an ultrasonic wave and receives the wave reflected back from the target. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to the target by measuring the time between the emission and reception. Each module include an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver and a control circuit. There are only four pins that you need to worry about on the ultrasonic sensor. These pins are vcc (power), trig (trigger), echo (receive) and GND (ground). To find the distance of detection of material by the formula Distance speed of sound x time taken/2 Fig 3.11 Diagram of the basic ultrasonic sensor operation Motor Driver IC Fig 3.12 H-Bridge H-Bridges are routinely utilized as a bit of controlling engines speed and course, yet can be utilized for different attempts, for example, driving the splendor of certain lighting assignments, for example, compelling LED shows. Working cleaning machine Embarking to the working of sun arranged controlled grass cutter, it has sheets mounted in a specific course of action at an edge of 45 degrees to such a degree, to the point that it can get sun energized radiation with high power enough from the sun. These sun based sheets change over sun arranged criticalness into electrical vitality as concentrated some time as of late. Eventually this electrical vitality is secured in batteries by utilizing a sunshine based charger. The fundamental furthest reaches of the sun controlled charger is to broaden the current from the sheets while batteries are charging, it correspondingly secludes the sunshine based sheets from the batteries when they are completely blamed whats more interfaces for the sheets when the charging in batteries is low. 3.3 Use Cases The Cleaning machine was tried in two distinct conditions, inside and outside. The Cleaning machine was first and for the most part tried inside with the remote control segments. The testing happened all through the development procedure. As another segment was added to the framework it was tried freely to ensure it filled in as wanted and in addition working in the framework in general. The engines, arduino, and programming were altogether tried independently as every part was included until the point when every segment was working appropriately. The gathering was exceptionally fruitful amid this initially phase of the Cleaning machine testing with just a couple of minor negative tests. The gathering at that point endeavored testing in an open air condition with the remote control to guarantee that the Cleaning machine could do cleaning. The gathering was in the long run fruitful, yet it required more exertion mechanically to finish this phase to address issues, for example, natural slopes. The gathering could clean the area effectively outside with the remote control after the progressions were made. The second phase of the testing included controlling the brush motor self-governingly inside and outside. In any case, the gathering went over a few challenges that were generally program related at this stage. Once the Cleaning machine was tried effectively inside, the gathering tried the Cleaner outside. The gathering went over a few challenges that were not issues inside. Due to the high torque engines, the brush motor worked at a similar speed regardless of the slope. As already said, with time the Cleaner turned out to be fruitful with remote control ability inside and outside. The Cleaner additionally turned out to be effective independently inside and outside. In any case, the Cleaner machine acted more unpredictable amid self-sufficient utilize particularly when utilized outside in less controlled conditions. Chapter 4 Results and Conclusions RESULTS The projects each component showed a unique result. The battery was efficient in charging the battery. Its weight is well handled on the robot. Sensors showed an efficient result in sensing objects. Sensors are not condition dependent. It can work in any air condition. Remote was checked. Its transmitter and receiver works well. It has no noise. The remote can work up to 8 meters. Brush is used for cleaning. The brush motor has a good speed that is efficient in cleaning the areas. The project is very efficient from every aspect. CONCLUSIONS Robotic technology is exceptionally huge field which accompanies diverse mixes of innovation this will diminishes the human exertion and gives most extreme proficient yield for the work, Nowadays part of vitality is squandered for cleanimg in various territories of the world and furthermore requires bunches of human exertion for the work. The principle point o f this venture is to make a sun oriented controlled robotized automated cleaning machine framework which will clean the area in various outline with lesser human exertion. Points of interest of this framework are utilized segments are of minimal effort so and in mass generation and including of couple of more sensors doesnt has any effect. This gathering is using each advantage of the beforehand planned cleaning machine and joining them into another outline of the cleaning that coordinates a product and equipment for the utilization of a remote control. The security components, unwavering quality and cost productivity, and the ease of use of the cleaning machine composed will succeed the advantages of some different cleaning machine that are available today. The gathering will utilize the information they have increased throughout the years and utilize it to make a cleaning machine that will without a doubt be a fruitful and imperative bit of innovation. Chapter 5 Future Work Reducing the size can make compact. Reducing the size would reduce the cost. Itll have to more concentrate and focus on electronics rather than electrical gadgets .Huge study is needed to improve the battery capacity. By improving battery capacity itll be helpful in less burden on power thus power efficient. More sensors is need for accurate result and to improve the automation. More sensors are needed to make it work more accurate.Work is needed on programming side to make the device perform different operations. Great focus is needed on this term of project. References 1 Exploring Arduino Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry1st Edition byJeremy Blum 22R Hardware Electronics Arduino Uno. 2013. 2R Hardware Electronics Arduino Uno. ONLINE Available at HYPERLINK https// Accessed 16,Jan 2018. 3 HYPERLINK https// https// 9 Smith, T. (1995). Resting the brain.BMJ British Medical Journal,310(6994), 1611. 10 Bobde, S. A., Gajapure, R. V., Kerde, P. 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In 2013 Appendices Automation sensor code constinttrigPin 9 constintechoPin 10 constint led 7 constint in1 2 constint in2 4 constint in3 12 constint in4 13 void setup() Serial.begin(9600) pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT) pinMode(echoPin, INPUT) pinMode (led, OUTPUT) pinMode (in1, OUTPUT) pinMode (in2, OUTPUT) pinMode (in3, OUTPUT) pinMode (in4, OUTPUT) void loop() long duration, distance digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH) delayMicroseconds(1000) digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW) duration pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH) distance (duration/2)/29.1 Serial.print(distance) Serial.println(CM) delay(10) if ((distance 10)) digitalWrite(led, LOW) digitalWrite(in1, HIGH) digitalWrite(in2, LOW) digitalWrite(in3, HIGH) digitalWrite(in4, LOW) else if(distance10) digitalWrite(led, HIGH) digitalWrite(in1, LOW) digitalWrite(in2, HIGH) digitalWrite(in3, HIGH) digitalWrite(in4, LOW) Remote decoding include IRremote.h intIRpin 13 IRrecvirrecv(IRpin) decode_results results void setup() Serial.begin(9600) irrecv.enableIRIn() void loop() if (irrecv.decode(results)) Serial.println(results.value) delay(10) irrecv.resume() Remote coding include IRremote.h intIRpin 8 IRrecvirrecv(IRpin) decode_results results constint led 7 constint in1 2 constint in2 4 constint in3 12 constint in4 13 void setup() Serial.begin(9600) irrecv.enableIRIn() pinMode (led, OUTPUT) pinMode (in1, OUTPUT) pinMode (in2, OUTPUT) pinMode (in3, OUTPUT) pinMode (in4, OUTPUT) void loop() if (irrecv.decode(results)) Serial.println(results.value) delay(10) if (results.value3772810873) digitalWrite(led, LOW) digitalWrite(in1, HIGH) digitalWrite(in2, LOW) digitalWrite(in3, HIGH) digitalWrite(in4, LOW) if (results.value3772778233) digitalWrite(led, HIGH) digitalWrite(in1, LOW) digitalWrite(in2, HIGH) digitalWrite(in3, HIGH) digitalWrite(in4, LOW) if (results.value3772819033) digitalWrite(led, LOW) digitalWrite(in1, LOW) digitalWrite(in2, HIGH) digitalWrite(in3, LOW) digitalWrite(in4, HIGH) if (results.value3772794553) digitalWrite(led, HIGH) digitalWrite(in1, HIGH) digitalWrite(in2, LOW) digitalWrite(in3, LOW) digitalWrite(in4, HIGH) if (results.value3772782313) digitalWrite(led, LOW) digitalWrite(in1, LOW) digitalWrite(in2, LOW) digitalWrite(in3, LOW) digitalWrite(in4, LOW) irrecv.resume() PAGE MERGEFORMAT ii PAGE MERGEFORMAT vii 1 To model and design a Smart Floor Cleaning Robot PAGE MERGEFORMAT 20 HEBd a3.mk7ZftyUVcXyMOoi _f 2diyq5WII)0T5ndWmtgQXE53 v wd2b
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