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By listing or checking the tenant’s record it has taken time to all of transaction in apartment. If there’s a new tenant, the owner will check the logbook and check if there’s available rooms or already occupied rooms. After scanning the records in logbook and the tenant pay already for the room, the owner list down the new tenant information and record the payment in the logbook and give a receipt. The manual method can delay or ruin the list because in some cases like accidentally writes a wrong info or wrong amount of payments.

In this system the owner can now arrange the list of their tenants, and can access data and can secure the information of the customer and if there is a new tenant the owner can easily record its information and listed or record already what room are, and the amount that they pay for down payment and for they monthly fees or payments. And those records direct to the system and stored already. And the system can show or display the tenants name or information, their payments and its date was all recorded. And if there is need to update it can easily to update. It would take time to developed the system to resolve the company’s problem.

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