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Bullying, a serious matter that happens all around the world and it comes in many form such as physical bullying, cyber bullying and so on. It can happen anywhere anytime from schools to workplace to even on the internet by someone whom is a complete stranger. Many bullies think it is ‘fun’ to cause discomfort to others just because it is supposed to be a ‘prank’. Bullies like to build happiness from seeing people suffer. However, the smallest prank becomes the biggest crime if it is not taken care of. A bullied victim can be scared for their entire life time.

First and foremost, the first cause is dysfunctional families. The child that came from dysfunctional families usually is a bully because the child’s parents always quarrelling and neglects them. Hence, the child will watch and learn what their parent does. So when the child goes to school they will start bullying other students by threatening or beating them. The bullies can even cause the victim to get group bias or ethnocentrism by other people. For example, the bullies tell other people something that will ashamed the victim or something that will cause people to stay away from the victim. Thus, the effect of getting bullied by the dysfunctional family’s child will get group bias. The victim that get group bias will not have any friend and always alone.

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The second causes of bullying is that the presence of group bias or ethnocentrism. It means that the people that being ignore by a group of people such as family, friends, community and society. The people that had been ignored by groups will think that they are being useless and helpless in their life. They will also feel lonely and lack of love from family and friends. Hence, the people will leave themselves alone and away from family, friends, community and society slowly they will experience depression. Besides, bullies and victims will have higher risk of experiencing depression than their friends that did not involve in bullying. Thus, this can lead to get bad academic results, skip school, loneliness, social problem and drugs intake.

Both bullies and victims will also experience depression is the third causes of bullying. Thus, the effect will put the bullies and victims at the risk of abusing drugs. This will cause them to drop out of school. Furthermore, the victims will also get affected by the depression and cannot concentrate on studies and this cause them to skip school. The depression could also create sleeping disorder, bad appetite, anxiety and easily get angry. The people who have depression will also hurt themselves by slapping their face or hit their head to the wall or even something serious. Mental problem will slowly appear for a long period of depression. However, there are some people that cannot handle the pressure given by depression and will have the thought of suiciding.

As conclusion, the primary cause of bullying is the desire of attention and will lead to depression. This meant the bullies and its victim will suffer physical and mental damage, social and also academic problem. This will leave trauma and have a significant effect to the children until their adulthood. It is the responsible of the parents to give enough affection and attention to their child so they do not become the bully. Without bully, the children will have a good education environment and healthy childhood.

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