Bullying has become a problem that doesn’t always stop at the end of school

Bullying has become a problem that doesn’t always stop at the end of school. As bullies turn to email, text messaging, or social media cyberbullying has infiltrated people’s homes. For a behavior to be cyberbullying it must be repeated, hostile, and severe with the goal to embarrass, threaten, or harass someone. Individuals should be prosecuted for statements made on social media. People should be prosecuted for doing this because cyberbullying can hurt people and not just mentally it also hurts people physically.
Cyberbullies should be prosecuted because of the terrible thing they do to people. As cited in the text cyber bullying includes, ‘writing hurtful statements on a social media site or website, forwarding rumors and gossip through text messages or emails…”. The difference between bullying and cyber bulling is that bullying happens at the same place at the same time and cyberbullying can happened anywhere and the victim and the bully don’t have to know each other for it to happen. In a survey made in 2006 approximately 1 in 3 teens admitted being the victim of cyberbullying.
Keep in mind cyberbullying can cause mental distortions to teens. Suicide and self-harm is a big problem in our world. A lot of suicidal people are like his because cyberbullying. As u may know most kids are on social media. Technology has become an essential part of our society and our homes. Use of technology has extended beyond simple entrainment. For instance, teens often use their phones to contact their parents in an emergency not just to send text with friends or play.


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