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Bradford was born in England to a working class family. He grew up working hard to support his family but also just because that was what he knew and did best until he grew older. When he started to go his own direction with his life, he realised that writing was the thing that brought him the most joy out of all the things he had explored. When growing up in a minimalist lifestyle, it is kept that as your grow older and we see that. He lives a plain lifestyle where only the essentials are kept, he was resourceful with what he had. Byrd, however, was born to a rich family and had everything he could have ever wanted and more, He lived in pleasure and ease. He was a more materialistic man which can be seen in his writings.
Byrd had a specific purpose in his writing that may be looked down upon. He did not strive to educate or show the beauty in things that happened and throughout daily life. He was more of a satirical writer, he belittled and showed the faults of people. One example of this could be on page 52 in the last paragraph, where he points out that the colonists spent more money on a pub than a

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