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1. The Gratitude Attitude is a non-fiction novel written by Jem Friar. Jem Friar is a Naturopathic Consultant and actively pursues mentoring for health and happiness. He specializes in many forms of bodywork, yoga instruction and guided meditation. He has a unique perception on life and through his experience, he focuses on self-growth and healing.

2. The book was written to celebrate the International Day of Happiness that was created by the United Nations. This day is dedicated to creating a happier humanity and is celebrated on 20th March every year. The Gratitude attitude reminds why happiness is important and why many of the ways that people pursue happiness do not work. It illustrates how to actually boost happiness levels on a daily basis just by using some simple gratitude practices.


3. This book comprises of many short stories which on how little changes in attitude can bring about a lot of changes in one’s life. It focuses on enhancing relationships with family, friends, co-workers and most importantly oneself. This book emphasis on learning what to look for, what to do once you find it and most importantly how to maintain the gratitude attitude so that the life not only changes for one moment, or one day, but for a lifetime.

4. The author beautifully nails, that now moment is the time that one will ever be happy and reminds that happiness is important and brings out ways to boost the happiness level by practicing gratitude. Some of the quintessential lessons derived from the book are enumerated below:-

(a) Pursuit of happiness through materialistic gains cannot fetch the long lasting happiness.

(b) Anyone can become happier if they practice certain happiness habits and learn new ways of perceiving and relating to their lives.

(c) Happiness is a choice and a skill which can be learnt by practice.

(d) Gratitude unlocks the contentment of life as it fills our possessions with sufficiency.

(e) Consciously practicing gratitude has been found to be one of the most effective ways to increase happiness levels.

(f) Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and ready to show appreciation.

(g) Being grateful allows us to bring attention to more positive things.

(h) It reverses the cultural belief that more is better.

(i) The books brings out several useful exercises to be practiced daily in order to maintain the happiness quotient like noting down three things that for which one is grateful, three most magical moments of the day and so on.

(j) Lastly, when we focus on gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and tide of love rushes in.


4. This is a short and easy to read book which explicitly brings out potent gratitude exercises. The book has a long lasting positive impact on the reader and compels for a deep introspection. The book avidly makes one realize that now is the moment to be happy and how gratitude changes life. Developing a gratitude attitude is an art and a skill which can be developed through practice.

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