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Book review on “Holes” by Louis Sachar

BY: Samuel Anaevune

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CLASS: Year 9A

TEACHER: Mister Savior

SUBJECT: English Literature

Holes by Louis Sachar
This story is about an overweight boy named Stanley Yelnats whose poor family is cursed with bad luck. This bad luck eventually landed him in a juvenile correctional facility named Camp Green lake, which is an ironic name because there is no lake. Stanley befriends and runs away with a boy named Zero. Stanley carries Zero up the mountain and helps him drink water from a hole while singing him a lullaby which had been in his family for generations. They eventually return to the camp, find ‘treasure’ belonging to his great grandfather. In the end Stanley’s lawyer rescues him and Zero from the Warden’s clutches. I guarantee you it’s a very interesting read.
The main characters are Stanley, Zero, X-Ray, Magnet, Squid, ZigZag, Armpit, Mr. Sir, Mr. Pendamski and the Warden, although of all of them the story focuses the most on Stanley and Zero.
Stanley and Zero had quite a crazy adventure, as they had run away from camp, climbed a mountain, returned to camp in the night, dug up property belonging to Stanley’s great grandfather, narrowly escaped death from poisonous lizards and finally got taken away from Camp Green lake by Stanley’s father’s patent lawyer.
My favourite character in the play was Stanley. Why? Because he was a pacifist; a person who didn’t like fighting or trouble. He was also super optimistic, especially considering his bad luck. And, apart from that, he was the protagonist of the story.
In this story, although I can’t exactly relate to any of the characters in the story, I have done and felt the same things as some of the characters in the story. I have been accused and punished for what I didn’t do. I’ve been insulted for no apparent reason, and yet held myself back from retaliating.
I absolutely loved this book. My favourite part of the book was in part two, chapters’ 33 to 49. These chapters show when the real adventure begins; when Stanley and Zero escaped, climbed the mountain and so on. My least favourite part of the was the start when he was just coming to the camp, when he was being trialed and sentenced; when he was still a wimp.
If I could change any part of the book, I would change the ending. I would have made it much more descriptive about what happened to Stanley and Zero when they got out of Camp Green lake.
I would totally recommend this book to children and people in prison, as well as people who feel like they are very unlucky. You should definitely read this book! It is amazing!

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