Being a father or a mother is not an easy matter

Being a father or a mother is not an easy matter. Have you ever thought what kind of parent you would be? I’m pretty sure all of you want to be a good and responsible parent. There’s no one wants to be a bad parent right? Parents are the ones who responsible for the birth of a human being. Before the children were pursuing the school environment, the family was their idol. The students were in school for about five or six hours. With limited roles and time, teachers cannot afford to discipline their students. So today I will tell you about parents are the best teachers and the reason is because parents are the first role model, a real teachers who would teach them logic and management and they are the first person who must warn their children.
Let’s proceed to the first point which is parents are the first role model.
Parents play an important role in educating their children because they have great patience. Not everyone has a great of patience as parents educate their children. This is because they love their children and want the best for their children. Children often copy their parent habits and they are sure to obey their parents in terms of behaviour and attitudes. It is very important for parents to train children with all forms of positive practice such as conservative practices, hygiene, healthy lifestyle and cultural respect. Usually children wish to be like their parents and they need to pay attention and watch their children not to do bad things like smoking, hanging out, and wandering. If parents show good examples then their children will be good.
Let’s move on to the next point that parents a real teachers who would teach them logic and management.
Parents are also very well-respected by children. Usually children has more respect to parents compared to their teachers. Therefore children are more obey to their parents saying. From this aspect it is clear that parents can play their role in shaping their individuality as well since the children was a kid. It is good to educate children when they are at young age. Parents will teach their children about how to manage their life, how to tide up their bedroom and teach them about a moral value that can guide them to be a better person. Parents will communicate with their children softly and they wouldn’t mad at their children easily. They will teach their children with all their heart. And the children will get happy and they will not scared in learn or try something new.
Let’s know the last point it is parents is the first person who must warn their children.
Parents will overcome every weakness they have in order that their actions will not cause their children to be exposed to unhealthy activity.


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