Behind The Smile All of us will always have that one day we couldn’t quite forget

Behind The Smile

All of us will always have that one day we couldn’t quite forget. The more we think about it, the more our heart flatters. It brings us joy and longing that someday that moment could probably happen again.
It was June 11, 2018, and I was with my friend at McDonald’s waiting for our other friend to come. As this friend of mine arrived, we ordered something to eat. After the chitchats and all, my other friend decided to go home due to the projects she needed to be done. And now, I am left alone with the friend of mine that I’m really not close to and was forced to open up a conversation. After talking to her, I learned about the problems she’s been having, how depressed she is, and how sad she’s been feeling lately. She was the girl I have known to be a happy-go-lucky one, and is positive in all aspects of life. She’s the one who’s always lifting me up when I’m feeling down. And I have come to realize that everyone can really pretend as they pleases to. They can act alright in front of everyone, and trying to make everyone laugh when it was them who are in the verge of breaking down already.
The conversation of ours really changed my perspective in life, and has taught me that all along, the people who are always making everyone laugh was also the person who are crying their selves at night. And I thank her for that conversation we had. Because of that I became more sensitive of the people around me and learnt to see through the person and not at the person.

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