Behavioural Psychology Approach Behavioural psychology is a part of psychology that focuses on a person’s behaviour

Behavioural Psychology Approach 
Behavioural psychology is a part of psychology that focuses on a person’s behaviour, like actions, emotions, thoughts. Methods that can be enforced include is cognitive restricting, behavioural modelling, and mostly is classical and operant conditioning. J. B Watson (1913) dispute that if psychology was to be scientific it needed focus completely on human behaviour. J.B Watson didn’t think psychologists consider study on the unobservable workings of the minds, they can’t be studied scientifically. Most behavioural psychology research check the behaviour of topics under strict experimental circumstances using a stimulus-reaction approach. The psychologist sustained a stimulus for the individual, then observed and studied the individuals’ response to that stimulus. The behavioural psychology approach has been used greatly in studying the advance of the learning, established on these discoveries. Effective treatments for psychological disorders like phobias have been refined.  

Psychoanalysis Approach 
Most well-known and inspiring approaches recognised to people in general is psychoanalysis (developed by Sigmund Freud 1910). This is an organisation pf psychoanalysis theory and treatment which target to cure mental disorder to investigate the interaction of conscious and unconscious factor in the mind like dream interpretation, free corporation. Freud did observation of various of his intensive case studies over a range of patients. Psychoanalysis focuses broadly on unconscious mental activities. According to freud (1933). A lot of person’s observable behaviour is persuaded by, wishes, desires, and fear which the individual has learned to prevent because they are not socially enough. This concept posits that has a child progress, it learns that some feeling and desires are unacceptable, it follows that these wishes, desires, and fears are concealed deep in the mind, that leads to develop of unconscious. Freud stated that the unconscious thoughts still find expression through dreams, imagination, creative expression, or mental illness. An individual’s psychological past especially their childhood has a big impact in the progression of a specific behaviour pattern.

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