Based on Barker

Based on Barker, he mentioned that rural schools have many problems such as finances, shortage of teachers, changing social values, and special interest groups were magnified in small schools, yet, due to smaller size, they offered the best opportunities to create a school climate conducive to the best teaching and learning. These are the main reason why the students in rural areas have low English proficiency. However, it is different from urban schools because mostly urban schools have lesser finances problem, shortage of teachers and others problem related to rural area schools. Supposedly, urban school students should have a higher tendency in achieving high proficiency in English language as most of the requirements for learning is complete.

Basically, the small percentage of low English proficiency most probably affected by some minor inner characteristic or behaviour of the student him/herself even though the instruments of learning provided were complete and more than enough to achieve great education for one. This internal behaviour would probably consists of the self-esteem and the students surrounding at home or any others reason that might be found.

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