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Assignment for 4.05
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Choose three people from the photograph. Write one paragraph from each person’s perspective explaining how the Great Depression has affected their lives.

Elements you must include when writing your paragraphs:
details of the photograph, such as which person you chose, what they are wearing, and what belongings they have with them
how the stock market crash or Dust Bowl affected your chosen person
why your person chose to migrate during the Great Depression
Person #1

Women in the far-left corner of the picture, she has short dark hair and is around her 20s, she is wearing a long plaid dress with an overcoat. I grow helpless and fearful for myself and my daughter Lilith as the days go by. No roof. No food. The constant begging is become tiresome. Had I known that something like this would happen years ago, I would’ve worked harder; but there is nothing else I am able to do when Hoover is still president causing this great depression in me; I know that it truly isn’t my fault for the loss of home… And as the days go by I lose my faith in my families’ future, and Americas economy. Will it be like this forever? Am I one of the luckily few who have come across old friends who are more than willing to stick by and help nourish my child like their own? I chosen to migrate because I hope for a better life for my child and friends.
Person #2

The little girl is in the left corner of the picture, she has short light-colored hair, she is wearing a short dress with a long jacket. “Momma I’m hungry.”, “Momma my tummy hurts.”, “Momma I don’t feel good.”; All to familiar words escaped Lilith’s mouth almost on a daily when Fergus, Rudy(mother) and the others are unable to find or get supplies for the group. Lilith, Cassiel, and Fern all the children suffering from malnutrition, making the parents and friends skip meals to feed the young. Some days, Lilith would sell apples with Fergus or her mother Rudy hoping to earn just enough money to buy the essentials that the group would need.
Person #3

The man on the crate is in the middle of the picture, he is wearing a cowboy hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants. The man is cooking on a makeshift stove. Fergus
I see the doubt in Rudy’s eyes as she looks down at her daughter and feel the sadness of the group as they go days, to weeks with barely any food in their system. I myself feeling the depression the group feels. Lately, I suspect that the group knows that when I disappear that I follow the ins and outs of town looking for any way to feed the group. Whether it be good or bad; Resulting in somedays looking for a job, and applying to any with no luck… Somedays taking from much richer families’ homes who aren’t suffering the great depression the president has caused…. I would have never thought in a Million years that I would steal, to care for my family and friends. But, I am taking the responsibility to help build shacks for the in the outskirts and feeding them when I can. I chose to migrate because, I want to stick with my friends and family, and don’t wish to steal no longer; I hope to also find a better job,

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