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ased on the weekly topic recordings and seminar discussions, you will be asked to make a short 100 word forum posting in response to a question prompted by your lecturer. During the weekly seminar, you will participate in discussions regarding the postings from all students.This assessment will be a personal reflection and analysis of your ongoing work and personal learning throughout the semester.
Your reflections on your learning will be submitted via the LMS submission system on two separate dates during semester. The first submission will focus on topics discussed in Weeks 1 – 6 and the second submission on topics discussed in Weeks 7 – 12. Details of the submission requirements and grading criteria will be available via LMS.
#3 – BPMN modelling exercises For this assessment you will make use of modelling software to work through and complete exercises in applying Business Process Management Notation (BPMN). No prior knowledge of the software or BPMN is necessary as you will be provided with sufficient instruction to enable you to complete the exercises.You will need to demonstrate to your instructor that you have completed these exercises and submit evidence via LMS. Via LMS
#4 – Process analysis final report In this assignment you will work in teams to analyse, model and potentially redesign a business process of a real life organisation. Your submission will take the form of a report to the management of your selected organisation. The style of your report, will vary in content depending on the nature and context of the organisation and process that you are investigating. However, it should include a well justified analysis and discussion and make clear recommendations for the organisation’s executive management.
It is suggested that you form a group early in semester and submit a project proposal outlining the organisation and process and/or BPM project that you will be undertaking by Week 6 so that your instructor can advise with scoping the project.
In the final week of semester you will be required to present your project findings to the class in a Poster Session.
Details of the poster and marking criteria will be available on LMS.
The online tool SPARKPLUS will be used to assess individual contributions to team work. You will be required to provide feedback to, and receive feedback from, your team members. Based on a series of answers from each team member SPARKPLUS automatically produces two weighting factors: your SPA and RPF. The use of SPARKPLUS will be explained in class and more information will be made available on LMS.
#5 – Final examination 2 hours in duration
Academic literacy and academic misconduct
The University of Western Australia takes very seriously the matter of academic misconduct by students and has policies in place that define misconduct (including plagiarism) and the penalties that apply. The consequences for misconduct can be severe, including exclusion from the University.

All students are expected to make themselves aware of the definitions and the policies relating to academic misconduct, found at the websites below, and with any additional requirements or stipulations that may be provided by individual coordinators

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Appeals against academic assessment
The full regulations governing appeals procedures are available in the University Handbook at

Penalty for late submission
A penalty of 5 per cent of the total mark allocated for the assessment item is deducted per day for the first 7 days (including weekends and public holidays) after which the assigned work is not accepted. Each 24-hour block is recorded from the time the assignment is due.

Penalty for exceeding word limit
Where an assignment exceeds the word limit, a penalty of 1 per cent of the total mark allocated for the assessment task applies for each 1 per cent in excess of the word limit.

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