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As new policy developments and legislation come into place Sue Ryder would have to re-evaluate any policies and procedures to include these changes. Some of these would be:

OUR HEALTH, OUR CARE, OUR SAY, which is a white paper from The Government that expands community health and social care services so that they meet local needs. With four key objectives of increased patient choice, increased support for people with long term needs so that they can live independently, better health prevention services with earlier intervention, and tacking inequalities- improving access to community services. It was published under the 2005-2011 Labour government in 2006 from Department of Health and Social Care.
IN SAFE HANDS, which implemented adult protection procedures in Wales in July 2000 and in safe hands the protection of vulnerable adults from financial abuse in their own homes- updated 2009. This was issued as section 7 guidance 2000 and updated in 2003 with guidance on achieving better protection for vulnerable adults from financial abuse in care homes and supported accommodation.
NO SECRETS, which is guidance on developing and implementing multi agency policies and procedures to protect vulnerable adults from abuse, this was published in March 2000 and was last updated in January 2015 in which no secrets, by the care act 2014 was repeated.
PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST is a shared vision of commitment to the transformation of adult’s social care by having single based community support system that focuses on health and wellbeing of local people.
Vetting and barring scheme was put in place to protect vulnerable adults and children by stopping individuals that have been judged to present a possible harm or risk from being in contact by working or volunteering with vulnerable adults and children, it was put in place after Sir Michael Bichard recommended it in his 20004 report.
Disclosure Checks (DBS Checks) are criminal record checks that are carried out by the disclosure team, an enhanced check is suitable for those working with children or Vulnerable adults.

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Local Safeguarding Adults Boards
Our local safeguarding adults board is the HERFORDSHIRE SAFEGUADRING ADUTS BOARDS, they are in partnership and working with other organisations making sure that adults at risk are cared for free from abuse and harassment in their daily lives.

As an organization Sue Ryder must adhere to all these policies and procedures and legations, updating every year or when new legislations occur. Sue Ryder must make sure that all potential staff and volunteers are DBS checked and that these are renewed every three years, or that staff are signed up to the yearly re-newel system now in place.
At Sue Ryder we must make sure that staff have the relevant and correct training, such as SOVA, Manual Handling, etc., staff are also made aware of our whistleblowing procedure, and residents and their families and friends are made aware of our complaints procedure, should any issues arise. Staff are also made aware in their SOVA training what to do if abuse is suspected.

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