As a procedure

As a procedure, job analysis includes a progression of decisions, including the kind of data to be gathered, and the source of the information. The particular decision made, will rely upon the motivation behind the job analysis. Job analysis can be conducted for various purposes, including the following:
• Developing job depictions that portray the basic idea of the job.
• Classifying jobs into bunches of related job.
• Establish collection of systems in which the job analysis is used to describe the knowledge, skills, abilities and other distinctive needed for successful task performance.
• Developing performance appraisal systems, in which the job analysis is used to pinpoint the key tasks and work behaviors performed on the job.
• Evaluating the value of different jobs for compensation purposes.
• Designing or redesigning jobs to make them more enjoyable or efficient to perform.
• Developing training programs in which the job analysis is used to highlight the key tasks that workers must be able to perform.
Job analysis is the basis of human resource management, the nature of its analysis for module of human resource management has a critical impact. It’s also defined as a systematic procedure that assist in identifying the skills needed to perform the work, and is regarded as an important and universal human resource management technique. The data generated by job analyses have an important use in nearly every aspect of human resource administration, designing jobs and reward systems, staffing and training, performance control and more.

Given the significance that job analysis play in the management of human capital. It’s surprising that job analysis is not regarded as a more critical activity engaged in by industrial-organizational psychologist. This subject is treated in most textbooks in a manner which suggest that any fool can do it and as a task which can be delegated to the lowest level employees. Unfortunately, the situation has not much changed, and this essential capacity isn’t given the proper degree of attention and respect either by a psychologist or HR professionals.
Job analysis information is essential to the establishment of performance standards. Through it an understanding of what the employee is supposed to do is obtained. Without JA, acceptable levels of performance cannot be determined or accurate measurement of actual performance obtained.

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