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Are women better parents than men? This question has been debated over the years. When the mother gives birth to a child, the first thing she thinks is, “I need to see my baby.” In that moment a bond is formed between mother and child. She also provides a feeling of being safe. A mother teaches her children valuable lessons that help later in life. Women are better parents than men because she provides emotional stability, security, and life lessons.
When a child is born into this world, they instantly form a bond with their mother. She must also provide emotional support and behavioural manner for their children. Children tend to do as their parents do, not as they say. “Historically, United States culture has regarded the mother as the primary caregiver and nurturer, and the father as the enforcer of authority and provider of sustenance” (Campos, 2008). However, in the 21st century, parents have become more independent. Stereotypically, fathers tend to be more closed off emotionally due to the fact that they are the disciplinary. An emotionally-absent father tends to affect his children’s adult growth later on in life. They have no idea how much it affects them until they can finally see it. In today’s “rapidly changing family structures” (Harris), relationships reflect on how we grow up. Studies show that women date men that are like their fathers. “You might think that you’re dating the extreme opposite to your father, and yet the unconscious mind finds a way of slipping back into what’s comfortable” (Wright). A mother produces the crucial necessities that are needed in order for the child to develop the proper mental and emotional stability. There is no doubt what a mother provides for her children.
A soon-to-be mother learning that she is pregnant, is one of the most life-changing things to happen to a woman. It’s a gift to have the ability to create a human life. It is truly a wonderful thing. The second thing a new mother does is hold her child close to her heart. To know that she will protect her baby with her life. They say “a mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go” (Unknown). She supports and loves her child no matter what. A mother’s love is what keeps us feeling like we are wanted. A mother is worrisome. A mother is selfish and does what needs to be done for her children. She will go to the ends of the earth just to maker sure her children are okay.

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