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Any organization must have trust and accountability among the employees usually to be successful. To develop and maintain trust and accountability within a team, we need to create atmosphere which follow the below features;
? Consider all the team members as equal partners. Even the newest employee or the lowest paid feels important and they are important part of the team. This should begin from the leaders/managers. By knowing the staff members by their names and their families, and treating one and all with genuine respect.
? Focus on shared goals than personal aims. This will let employees to feel everyone is dragging together to achieve one shared vision rather than a series of personal plan.
? Establish and continue honesty. This will led the foundation of trust in any organization. Integrity must begin from the top and move down. This means, among rest of the things keeping promises, and always telling the truth, no matter how difficult it might be. This will make people believe in the organisation.
? Communicating and share the team/organization’s vision and values with the team members. This is important, because it describes where the organization is heading and the methods are chosen for getting there are proven.

To ensure that trust and accountability within a team will be maintain when seeking personal rather than shared value, telling lies or half-truths and being closed minded. Hence those activities should be avoid all the times to gain trust and accountability

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