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anufacturing and storing inventory. Just In time is for lean inventory, a tool for process improvement, considered complex and adopted in all industries but not practiced in all areas of business especially in Perfumes Guyana. Stocking the right quantity of goods, in the right place and at the right time allow companies to perform efficiently, maximum output level and superior quality by creating a value system. Ordering and receiving inventory at the time of production and resale eliminates wastage and unnecessary expenses. It has both advantages and disadvantages when applied, hence Chapter 1 (A) discuss in further details the benefits of incorporating JIT within the current operations and the adverse effects.
Culture is a way of life based on values and practices learned and developed through interaction. According to (Hofstede, 1980), National Culture theory includes four dimensions along with cultural values analyzed by individualism-collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, power distance (strength of social hierarchy) and masculinity-femininity (task orientation versus person-orientation). Chapter 1 Part B proceeds by defining culture and briefly outlined Hofstede’s theory and approaches taken by Perfumes Guyana.
Scientific management theory also known as Taylorism is an approach to management that was founded by Fredrick Taylor. Existing in every industrial business practices including planning, process design, quality control, cost accounting, and ergonomics. This theory seeks to upgrade organization’s efficiency by systematically improving the efficiency of task completion by applying science analysis and moving away from common sense application (Taylor F. W., 1911). Chapter 1 Part C focused on the implications of implementing the principles of the scientific school of management to Perfumes Guyana and the argument against Elton Mayo’s theory.
Effective communication is integral to the successful implementation of processes, relationships, and development within an organization. Strong communication is a foundation of motivation, it provides information which assists in decision making and builds attitude. Report 1 Part D highlighted Shannon Weaver communication theory and the principles of effective communication which includes the sender, encoder, channel, decoder and the receiver (Shannon C. E., 1999) and its relevance in Perfume Guyana.
Being able to understand and collaborate with the different individual may seem impossible, however, a few models were created to understand the different ways people learn. Chapter 2 made reference to Honey ; Mumford personal learning styles including Theorist, Activist, Pragmatic and Reflector (Honey, 1982). Being an Activist learner, my capabilities to function effectively in an agile organization, the pros and cons were evaluated. (410 words)

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